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"What's the difference between a cat and a comma?" 

- "One has claws at the end of its paws, the other's a pause at the end of a clause!" 

I have stored up hundreds of puns working with children over the years (and some adults with a wicked sense of humour). Here are links to some of them. Remember: seven days without a pun makes one weak!

PUNS ONE                          PUNS FIVE                           PUNS  NINE

PUNS TWO                         PUNS SIX                              PUNS TEN

PUNS THREE                      PUNS SEVEN                        PUNS ELEVEN

PUNS FOUR                        PUNS EIGHT                         PUNS TWELVE


Medical Daffynitions:            Acute to Cardiology                       Cardiac Arrest to Fibula

Ganglia to Labour Pain                        Leper to Recovery Room                Rectum to Weak

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For more great (clean) jokes, check out this website; it's also managed by an ex-teacher: