Artwork by Daniel Mitsui

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I am excited to have begun a collaboration with artist Daniel Mitsui to produce some new small items for sale. Daniel is providing his wonderful artwork, and I am producing these items using traditional letterpress methods and fine papers.

The following items are all available in limited quantities upon request by e-mail

or by using the PayPal "Add to Cart" buttons.

*Please note that orders will be charged sales tax.

Christmas card

Letterpress printed Christmas card. Artwork by Daniel Mitsui.

Price is $6 each + shipping.

Set of twelve St. Francis letterpress printed Bookplates with Artwork by Daniel Mitsui,

Daniel writes; ‘The St. Francis bookplate design is one of my favorites, because it refers ironically to that saint’s disdain for book ownership. The full story illustrated is this one, from a medieval vita:

Another time, when blessed Francis was sitting near a fire, warming himself, the same one spoke to him again about a psalter. And blessed Francis told him: “After you have a psalter, you will desire and want to have a breviary; after you have a breviary, you will sit in a fancy chair, like a great prelate telling your brother: ‘Bring me the breviary.’” And speaking in this way with great intensity of spirit, he took some ashes in his hand, put them on his head rubbing them around his head as though he were washing it, saying: “I, a breviary! I, a breviary!” He spoke this way many times, passing his hand over his head. The brother was stunned and ashamed.

 Afterwards blessed Francis said to him: “Brother, I was likewise tempted to have books. But, in order to know God’s will about this, I took the book, where the Lord’s Gospels are written, and prayed to the Lord to deign to show it to me at the first opening of the book. After my prayer was ended, on the first opening of the holy Gospel this verse of the holy Gospel came to me: To you it is given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God, but to the others all things are treated in parables.”

 And he said: “There are many who willingly climb to the heights of knowledge; that person be blessed who renounces it for the love of God.”’

Price is $8 + shipping.

Set of three letterpress printed ornaments. Artwork drawn by Daniel Mitsui

Hand-printed on our 1890s antique press.

Price $18 + shipping