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Robert F. Wagner, who was known by everyone as Bob, passed away June 30, 2008. He was widely respected for his generous nature and recognized for his significant contributions to the field of medical imaging. This website is devoted to commemorating Bob Wagner’s full and productive life. It is hoped that friends and colleagues will contribute their favorite stories about and photographs of him.

There are three ways to contribute, by writing a story about Bob, joining the discussion in Bob's Blog, and adding memorable pictures to the photo album.


A Tribute was held at the FDA August 13, 2008 to honor Bob and reflect on his valuable contributions to the Center for Devices and Radiological Health of the FDA.

A special session at the SPIE Medical Imaging meeting was held February 11, 2009. Chaired by Kyle Myers, the session was jointly sponsored by the Conferences on Computer-aided Diagnosis and on Image Perception, Observer Performance, and Technology Assessment.

Anecdotes and testaments about Bob.

Video clips - SPIE interview and CDRH course

Excerpts from the SPIE DVD containing Bob's interview, conducted in 2006 by Murray Loew, in which he discusses various aspects of the series of conferences on medical imaging that have been run by SPIE. These clips show Bob's warmth and love for telling a story.

Additionally, clips from a course given by Bob at the CDRH/FDA in 2005 on Diagnostic Tests.

Please contribute pictures of Bob and his friends for this album by emailing them to Ken Hanson at Photos of Bob's friends are welcome, even if Bob isn't in the picture. Provide a caption for each photo specifying who is in it, what the occasion was, and the date and place where it was taken. Please keep images under 1600x1100 pixels in size. Be advised that pictures may be edited before posting.

Condolence cards may be sent to Bob's wife, Ellyn, care of

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