Sailing Course Descriptions

Private or Group Lessons 

All ages

Prerequisites:  none

Learn to sail or improve your sailing skills with a private instructor. You pick the time, let us know your goals, and we’ll arrange a custom learning plan.

Family Sail 

All ages  |  2 hour sail, times by appointment

Prerequisites:   none

Set sail with your family and an instructor for a 2 hour, on-the-water experience. At least one adult and one child required per session. Have fun and build memories with this hands-on outdoor activity. Click here for more information about Family Sailing.

Adult Learn Sailing Right 

Ages 18 and up | 1 day, 5 hours, 10am - 3pm

Prerequisites:   none

We start with basic sailing theory and instruction on land, rig boats as a group, then head out onto the water for the afternoon to sail and practice. Your instructors will be teaching and coaching you both on land and on the water.  We take a 45 min lunch break (please bring lunch). This is a very fun day and a great way to get you out on the water safely and build your confidence in small sailboat basics. Course book included.

Pee-Wee  Sailing

Ages  5 – 8  |  3 days, 2 hours each day, 10am-noon

Prerequisites:   Finished Kindergarten

This is an introductory course for the little ones who have completed kindergarten. We teach of parts of a boat, basic knot-tying, practicing swimming in a life jacket – and then it’s on to the beach to try some rowing and to explore the wonders of a “real” sailboat. The course culminates in a sail with instructors.

Beginning Sailing 

Ages 8 - 18  |  5 days, 3 hours each day, 9am-noon

Prerequisites:   none

Young people in this course begin sailing independently. We teach safety, parts of a boat, knot-tying, weather, rigging and points of sail. Skill reinforcing games are used throughout the course. Most days are on the water in Optimist, Topaz Taz, or Sunfish under the guidance of instructors. By the end of the week, the kids will have been introduced to the basics of sailing on the water, and independent boat handling. Most kids take this class multiple weeks in the same summer if their schedule allows.


Ages 9 - 18  |  10 days, 3 hours each day, 1-4pm

Prerequisites:   Beginning Sailing or equivalent

For young people with prior sailing experience. Taught primarily in Optimist or size appropriate sailboats, the course covers all the basics of rigging, handling, wind and weather, safety and seamanship. This “hands-on” experience builds sailing confidence and expertise. The two week course ends with a fun “Pirate Day”.


Ages 10 – 18  |  10 days, 3 hours each day, 1-4pm

Prerequisites:   Intermediate or equivalent and complete confidence and competence with sailboat rigging & independent sailing

An advanced course for those who have completed the Intermediate or equivalent course and have mastered basic sailing skills. The emphasis is on improving boat handling, racing skills, and gaining more confidence and command of the boat.  Remote Controlled Lasers may be used to reinforce skills. Advanced students may race in area regattas after coordination with the Head Coach. Boat use fees* apply if student does not provide their own boat for the class.

Ages 9 – 18  |  Summer, 3.5 hours each day, 1-4:30pm

Prerequisites:   Advanced sailing course or equivalent and 3+ years of sailing experience

Racing Team sailors generally have completed one or more Advanced sailing classes and focus on refining competitive skills and boat tuning. Members of the Racing Team practice daily and compete in their own boats. These sailors travel as a group to participate in area regattas and are overseen by the Racing Team Coach.  Boat use fees* apply if student does not provide their own boat for the class. RHYCSS Racers not enrolled in the class but who travel to regattas with the team are required to pay a $60 per regatta coaching fee.

* BOAT USE FEES:  The RHYC Sailing School encourages Advanced and Racing student families to provide/purchase their own competitive boats for the student's use. Use of RHYCSS-owned boats for Racing Team and Advanced Sailing students will be $30 per week (this helps defray the cost of maintenance for our competitive boats).  There is no boat use fee for Pee-Wee, Beginner, or Intermediate students. 

Schedule and Information

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Student Equipment Requirements

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Set sail with up to 4 family members and a sailing instructor

for a two hour hands-on experience. 

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