RESULTS Texas members handing Senator Cruz over 100 letters on child survival 2017

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Texas Domestic Regional Coordinator: Kathleen Duncan - kndroses@gmail.com - (832) 971-7553 


Texas Global Regional Coordinator: Anne Child - childanne@gmail.com - (512) 919-9271

Expansion in Texas: Eloise Sutherland - nanawese@gmail.com - (512) 990-9883

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  1. Domestic call: 2nd Saturday 11:30 Central

  2. Global call: 2nd Saturday 1:00 Central


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Results is a nonprofit grassroots advocacy organization, committed to creating the political will to end hunger and the worst aspects of poverty.  RESULTS is committed to individuals exercising their personal and political power by lobbying elected officials for effective solutions and key policies that affect hunger and poverty.

RESULTS Texas members with Senator Cruz's staff 2015





Texas excited to be at RESULTS                 RESULTS Texas singing in Senate office building
2010 International Conference                    6/22/2010


RESULTS Texas at the 2009 International Conference

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