RESULTS Actions 


RESULTS works to affect policies at the national level that impact those living in poverty both in the United States and around the world.  RESULTS works to ensure tax dollars are spent wisely and effectively.  To accomplish these goals, RESULTS activists take a wide array of actions working with the following groups of people:


Representatives and Senators of the U.S. Congress

- Make timely requests for specific action done in concert with groups around the country

- Establish a relationship with members of Congress (MOC) and their staffers

- Attend town hall meetings and ask for actions in this public forum

- Write letters/making phone calls to members of Congress’ offices

- Invite members of Congress and/or their staff to briefings with experts

- Meet with members of Congress and/or their staff either locally or in DC

- Work with members of Congress and other organizations to draft legislation and to plan implementation for legislation after it passes (RESULTS staff)


The Media

- Write Letters to the Editor

- Meet with Editorial Boards to enlist them to publish an editorial on RESULTS issues

- Invite editorial writers and reporters to attend conference calls with experts on the issues

- Provide editorial packets to the press on current issues

- Write Op-Ed pieces for publication in the press


A network of "friends of RESULTS"… both grassroots and grasstops

- Build a broad network by presenting RESULTS issues to other organizations

- Hold outreach and/or Education & Action meetings to

          - educate the community on our issues

          - take action

          - ask people to participate

- Invite people to receive automatic emails on topics of interest to them via RESULTS Action Network.  Sign up at

- Create a personal network of friends who will take occasional actions of writing or calling their members of Congress or a letter to the editor (grassroots)

- Create relationships with community leaders (grasstops) to help with influencing members of Congress and/or the media on RESULTS issues






v     EPIC Laser Talk - a formula for a quick, powerful speech on an issue:  Engage the listener, present the Problem, Inform on issues and solutions, Call to the listener to specific action. (Domestic laser talks, Global laser talks)

v     The "Basics" CD - audio and written versions of learning the background of RESULTS, how we work and a solid knowledge base for our issues.

v     "Everyday Heroes" - a DVD about the history, mission, people and issues of RESULTS.

v     Group Leader Handbook - detailed information on effective leadership, tools for gathering group statistics, and background information for our work.

v     Activist Toolkit - basic steps for being an effective advocate including creating a laser talk, writing a letter to the editor, developing a relationship with a member of Congress, asking a question at a town hall meeting and more.

v     Fundraiser manual - step-by-step guide to a successful fundraiser.

v     The Advocate  - quarterly newsletter for donors featuring articles of recent issues and actions.



v     Annual International Conference - each summer in DC where we learn how to be better activists, listen to experts on the issues, have meetings on The Hill with members of Congress and/or their staff.

v     Monthly National Conference Calls  -  all RESULTS groups gather together via teleconference on the second Saturday of every month to hear a guest speaker (for example: an expert on one of our issues, a member of Congress or their staff, someone from the media), receive updates on current legislative actions, learn to speak powerfully on an issue with a laser talk, make plans and commitments for actions for the month and more.

v     Weekly support calls for the regional coordinators with RESULTS staff.

v     Weekly support calls for the group leader with their regional coordinator.

v     Weekly support calls/meetings with your group where the leader passes along information learned in the leaders’ calls, activists report on promised actions and plan next steps, activists practice taking actions.



v     Monthly Action Sheets - sent via e-mail and postal mail that describe current issues and actions. (domestic, global)

v     Weekly Updates - sent via email that give up to the date status of the issues and actions. (domestic, global)

v     Action Alerts - emails for taking immediate action.  See "Join our Action Network."

v     An email listserv where all RESULTS members, staff and allies may post information, share successes, ask for ideas, etc.  To join the listserve, send an e-mail to