Regional Conference

RESULTS TX-OK-LA 2017 Regional Conference
Pyramid of Passion, Persistence & Power

Below is a quick run down of the presentations and resources.

  • Patrick Makokoro - so humble telling us about his background, his Nhaka Foundation, the Zimbabwe Network of Early Childhood Development Actors (ZINECDA) and working with the Global Partnership for Education to get all Zimbabwe kids in school and learning and the opportunity to get a great start with pre-school.

  • Ken Patterson - our Global Grassroots Director motivating us to seize this moment, when others feel lost but want to take meaningful action, to expand our ranks and influence by building our activist pyramid (see Build a Coalition of Community Allies). 
  • Craig Roshaven - showing us how easy it is to learn about the dreams and needs of those we are and hope to be working with by taking the time to have a deep one-on-one conversation.
  • Adgie Lou Davidson, Steve McGee, and Craig Roshaven - our powerful and inspiring Master Advocacy Skills Trainers.  They showed us that we too can teach others to be bold advocates for issues they care about.  There are resources available
  • Marty White helping pull together our pyramid building and advocacy skills to find a way to get a meeting with our Senators.  Suggestions include
    • gathering a stack of personal letters from all our members requesting a meeting with the Senator
    • researching USGLC connections in our state (the link also includes cool global statistic for each of our states).
  • Anne Child for a quick overview her first use of of VolunteerMatch.  You can do it too.  Follow the instructions in Amanda Beals' "Guide for using Volunteer Match to recruit new volunteers" also found on the Group Resources page.


RESULTS Texas 2015 Thrive @ 35 Regional Conference

3/14/2015 - University of St. Thomas - Houston, TX

Welcome & Introductions

The REAL Change Experience

Researching Your Members of Congress -> Take Action (see green Key Online Tools)

U.S. Poverty &Global Poverty monthly conference calls
Racial Wealth Gap & Local Statistics Overview

Narrative Project
January 18, 2015: Webinar: How to Speak About Global Development.
The Gates Foundation reveals research on how to speak about global development so people understand its importance and impact.
This is a must for all global advocates. Download accompanying User Guide and Toolkit here.

Facebook and Social Media - Lessons from Dallas

Ladder of Engagement

February 11, 2015: Webinar: Engaging Activists Using the Ladder of Engagement. How do we engage new people? Where are they starting from and how do we take them to the new place of empowerment? There are some great tools here. Accompanying slides.


                 RESULTS Texas  2013 Regional Conference                

 When:   Saturday May 11th 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM
 Where:   Coronada Hills Club House - 1801 Coronada Hills - Austin, TX 78752 (map link)
 Who  YOU, other RESULTS grassroots members &
Ken Patterson - RESULTS Global Grassroots Manager

To be in community with others who care about ending poverty
To improve our advocacy skills
To explore creative ideas together

General agenda:
  • Speaking powerfully
  • Media - why it matters, how to get it, use of Social Media
  • Resources & Tools on the RESULTS website
  • Domestic and Global issues information
  • Building relationships across the aisle
  • RESULTS Reach and Impact goals
Resources from the RESULTS Texas Regional Conference:

Thoughts expressed from attendees of Ken's Putting People in Action session

  • We need to expand types of things members do (press conferences)
  • There are many different role players that bring about success (folks that message, fundraisers, write bylaws,etc)
  • We need to know the results of our actions... did we actually accomplish anything
  • Sam coached by asking you to take action, coaching and modeling, making a specific request
  • Give people permission to take action... and they'll do it!
  • People volunteer to validate their existence.  Write letters during meetings so partners get immediate validation.
  • Ask people to take action in a way that validates them, not making them feel guilty.

Thoughts from our Reach & Impact brainstorming session

  • Expand Grass Roots Media
    • create draft LTEs per issue to have ready when a hook is seen
    • try other newspapers
    • share successful media stories
    • send to your Member of Congress the LTE you submitted even if it wasn't printed
    • build an op-ed together during and Education & Action meeting
    • use Facebook to get your message out
  • Meet face-to-face with every member of Congress RESULTS covers
    • make it unacceptable that they cannot meet with us
    • used LinkedIn to find out who is acquainted with your MOC
    • share MOC successes with other groups
  • Building Bipartisan Champions
    • find the reasonable MOCs
    • get unreasonable MOCs just to be neutral
    • look at future leaders (currently in local positions (city, county, school board))
    • search for your shared values
  • Grassroots Leader Training
    • share / rotate leadership
    • use a local group to test training material
    • share organizing the Education & Action meetings
  • Cover More Congressional Districts
    • talk to everyone