One of the most important outcomes of the Responsible-Industry project is a Framework for implementing Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for an ageing society.

The document is based on extensive consultation with international representatives from research, industry and civil society. It consists in a set of recommendations and procedures for the facilitation of RRI in industry by addressing the following key questions: 

The report is aimed primarily at CEOs, senior executives and project managers who work in industries and businesses that are exploring the use of ICT for an ageing society. It specifies the principal social implications and ethical risks associated with research and innovation in this field such as:

In addition, it provides practical and workable guidance on how industry can pursue responsible innovation.

The adoption of RRI principles and practices can support companies in designing ethically acceptable, affordable, accessible, reliable and easy to use ICT systems, products and services. This, in turn, has the potential to translate into economic benefits.  

Executive Brief 

Full report

In a nutshell, the message for industry is:

By doing innovation responsibly you will contribute to a better world and you will benefit!

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