Activities and Results

Responsible-Industry is guiding interactive discussions between leading industry partners, established RRI experts, policy advisors and civil society organisations to drive the research and innovation process with the principles of RRI in mind. In doing so, Responsible-Industry aims at achieving the following objectives:

-       Synthesis of current discourses on RRI in the industrial context, based on an extensive literature review, 30 in-depth interviews with industry thought leaders, 5 bottom-up case studies and 2 Horizon Scanning reports.

-       Investigation, through practical cases and in depth dialogue with stakeholders (industry, CSOs, policy makers and emerging global stakeholders), of processes, challenges and opportunities leading to responsible innovation along specific value chains of products and applications.

-       International Delphi Study of RRI in industry involving 130-150 stakeholders and an international Multi-Stakeholder workshop.

-       Development of a detailed implementation plan to be tested in at least 4 pilot projects.

-       Reflection on the viability of the implementation plan, supported by least 15 industry-driven focus groups.

-       Development of models of RRI in industry as a basis of specific recommendations to be disseminated to the various stakeholders through an Exemplar Implementation Plan of RRI in Industry.