On Rent the Bicycle  you will find  our very  unique way of tour,  where  visitors would energize themselves have adventure  and fun while  they  are exploring  riding  a bicycle.

         Rent The Bicycle  offers many options, from guided tours to hourly bikes rentals. Though you can just rent the bicycle and go along a suggested route, for tourist or cruise ships visitors we highly recommend going on a tour with one of our guides. Our guides really take  the stress out of the question – tourist don’t  have to worry about directions, finding handicap ramps on the corners or stopping the traffic to cross .
When you are riding the bicycle, you get a breeze  the whole time you get to where you are  going much faster than walking, so visitors can do and see more. They also get the scenery, smell the food cooking at restaurants and even interact with people along the way, yo will be part of the seeing.

San Juan City and Beaches Bicycle Tour

San Juan City & Beaches


Payments accepted

 To proceed a payment using paypal please send us an email  rentthebicyclepr@gmail.com

Need bicycle parts or bike repair?  We have it! 

Bicycle pick up for repairs available only San Juan area.

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You can book online with complete confidence knowing that you will receive a 100% refund if your plans change for any reason at least 48 hours prior to the departure of your tour. 
All Bicycle Tours only by Reservation

       For those who want to be on their own, we also offer Bicycles for rent by the  hour  or  the day available at our store. We have a  variety of  urban comfort  cruiser bicycles  on different sizes.  Helmet and locks are  included in the rental.

        We  do have child seats that can be  installed on a parent’s bike for  kids up to 4  years old, or  a  maximum of 40 pounds.  Because we  know safety is first all bicycle are in bright distinctive yellow color.

Open : Monday to Friday 9:00am - 5:30 pm

Saturday Sunday   9:00am -4:30 pm


Daily rental Bicycle $27.00

3 hours $17.00

Child seat $5.00

night light (LED blinking red light)  $5

basket $5


Certification Endorsements

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Rent the Bicycle tour Guides are  certified by  the  National Services Park Service US Depatment of the Interior & San Juan National Historic site

Member of the Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association

Certificate of Excellence

2013 Winner



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