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g. 3rd party software for remzibiOSD

Firmware for OSD to work with APM2

I do not follow progress of Ardupilot Mega autopilot software development because of no time .
The new APM  use MAVlink protocol for transmitting data . APM hardware can be configured as miltirotor , plane , heli or car .


Here is software wrote by user "hazy" who ported MiniOSD firmware to remzibiOSD hardware 

So for now I reccomend to use it with APM autopilot.

I will try to add MAVlink to OSD in future .


Lastly I had opportunity to have APM of my friend to change microprocessor from Atmega1280  to Atmega 2560 as the new firmware need more flash space and the older was let say "useless" , new Atmega2560 was programmed with bootloader and proper fusebits .
So I had opportunity to try to connect it with remzibiOSD .
Finally , reprogramming remzibiOSD using links above and connection to APM is very easy .
All set works at once as expected .

So first of all we need to have APM and use latest firmware , in my case it was ArduPlane_2.65 APM2 download side
Software package include all files like firmwares , Mission Planer etc . 
Firmware to APM was programmed by Mission Planer so not need to compile and program by Arduino IDE . 
Here is APM guide , I recommend to read it .

Next we  must have remzibiOSD hardware and download hazy's software  .
First of all we connect remzibiOSD using USB cable and we run hazy's ConfigTool .
We set language , NTSC or PAL system , correct port com number , etc. 
Then we set Options->UpdateFirmware and we show path to new OSD firmware , then we connect power  to remzibiOSD board - firmware will start to update automatically (it use bootloader already included in remzibiOSD) . 
Then we must update font table so choose Options->UdateCharSet  - after few seconds new font are in place .
Then we can add or remove information from screen and place any information when we like (very similar to original remzibiOSD GUI).

All hazy's guide we have here 

The last is to made hardware connection - this is very easy .
If GND of Video(OSD) system is connected to GND of main(APM) system battery then we need only one cable , connecting pin OUT of AMP telemetry output to remzibiOSD RX pin of GPS port . Like on this picture :

In case when OSD and APM have NOT any common GND connection then we need to connect also GND pins like on this picture :

 Ok - when we power all set , OSD will show that waiting for Mavlink heartbeat , if all connections are OK it will show flight  screen and APM init message , when APM finish to init then all data start to live showing positions etc etc.


GPS to work with APM2

Another questions about possibility to hardware connection remzibiOSD's GPS module to APM .
Yes it is possible .
On APM board is pinhole row for such connection , the only we need to solder in gold pins for GPS module :

Then is very easy to connect remzibi GPS module :

And complete APM with remzibi GPS module :

I must admit that remzibi GPS module work in NMEA mode 38400 baud rate as default .
So you need to be sure APM can receive this data what is described in APM help .

However is possible to reprogram GPS module to firmware 1.6 what is described here in APM GPS help .
For reprogramming remzibiOSD's USB cable can be used without problems .  


Firmware for dogfight

This is unusual project using OSD and cheap RFM12 radio module as communication device between two planes used in dogfight .
Radio module are driven by SPI bus , sharing this bus with OSD chip . As CS(Chip Select) signal is used T1 on OSD .

Software is based on minimOSD  and hazy's firmware described above . 
Project web side is  here so all details are there