Since a while, I do not manufacture and offer OSD units. 
Unfortunate, I have not ability to compete with flood of China clones (however I tried).
Every time You buy a clone - You support piracy.
So I decided to stop manufacturing, that's bad, but you have to try a clones.   
Anyhow, contact with me is still possible, please write me at email remzibi11#poczta.onet.pl (exchange # to @)
Because I have questions about donation, above email is valid to make donation at Paypal.
My avatar used at many forums looks as below

This web side is place to collect most actual descriptions, software, firmwares, hardware problems, tricks and tips for remzibiOSD project.

Basically remzibi OSD is an electronic device able to add some configurable on-screen information to camera picture. 
Device was designed for RC flying crafts, however possible use in any other devices like boats or cars .

The idea, hardware design and microcontroller program was wrote by me, nickname remzibi (Poland) .
GUI (Graphical User Interface) configuration program for PC was wrote by Paul, nickname HappyKillMore (USA) .
A funny thing is, that we never meet each other in real, all cooperation was made by internet - what simply prove how amazing times we live.     
I need to say sorry for my English as is not my native language, fortunate Google Chrome helps a lot, to at least keep good spelling.  

NOTICE -  to use OSD you need basic skills of soldering cables, You also need basic knowledge of reading schema and electric connections as well as basic knowledge of PC computer usage to install and use GUI (Graphic User Interface) and basic knowledge of mathematics (ADC calibration methods and percentage calculations). 
All that is primary school level so very easy, however if you have not such knowledge - do not worry , You surly got it using this OSD :) . 
I must admit that Voltage (V) , Amperage (A) and battery capacity (mAh) are completely different "things" , so recommended to read some info about in old school book to refresh knowledge before asking for help.      

The main discussion in English is here at rcgroups :

A first but actual manual, written by Paul (HappyKillMore) is here :

Here is sample movie showing how unit works in FPV (First Person View) RC plane, flight done by user "Electron" :

And nice flight of another user , good sample with some graphic added :


A very nice telemetry project made by user "psykokwak" - Generic OSD telemetry using OCR Technology for logging and antenna tracking 
Program using simple Video Grabber as hardware connected to PC and read data from directly from screen without any decoding hardware.


Another telemetry On Screen Read project done by user nick name "flipflap" 


And OSD at RC car , sure is impossible to drive 360meters far without FPV :