How to Remove A BustedNewspaper.com Mugshot Record in 2023

If you got on the computer today only to find your mugshot on BustedNewspaper.com, then you've probably seen better days. So I'll keep this short and get straight to the point - i.e. what your best options are to remove mugshot photos and arrest records from BustedNewspaper.com.

Now,  it's worth noting that BustedNewspaper.com did not appear overnight.  The website admins and/or owners of the arrest record search site and mugshot gallery took sometime to put together an impressive online news publication featuring a massive collection of over 5 million arrest mugshots taken from the county jails, sheriff's offices and other misc. arresting agencies in Alabama, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.

Removing Your Mugshot from The Busted Newspaper 

Busted Newspaper is primarily monetized using AdSense. As such, the more visitors the website receives, the more money it is likely to make. The more web pages a site like BustedNewspaper.com has published and presented on search engine results, the more visitors it's likely to attract. That's one reason Busted Newspaper is reluctant to respond much less approve arrest removal requests made by individuals without the proper court documentation.

Busted Newspaper Removal Discussion

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