Not only academic study but also social services have been supported from RMT lab. Since 1994, RMT lab has designed pollution treatment system based on background knowledge and our investigation and transferred the system to apply in real situation. Nowadays, several companies have used our treatment system and material especially printing industries. Data update from 2012-2017, all pollution treatment system have been applied in many companies following:   

Abeno Printing Co., Ltd.
Interink Co., Ltd

Nan Mee Co., Ltd

Do my best Co., Ltd

Cyber print Co., Ltd

TCP industry Co., Ltd

Eastern Printing Public Co., Ltd

Matichon Public Co., Ltd

Sri chai thong Co., Ltd

Plan Printing Co., Ltd.

hiden Co., Ltd.

Thai union group Co., Ltd.

Pim dee Co., Ltd.

Ferro construction product Co., Ltd.

PNP Packaging CO., Ltd

Rungsilp CO., Ltd

S.O. Full printing Service CO., Ltd

Active Print CO., Ltd

Aroon Printing

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