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Prapai Dhurakit

Mrs. Prapai Dhurakit

Address (office):
Division of Biotechnology, School of Bioresources and Technology.
King Mongkut' s University of Technology Thonburi (Bangkhuntien Campus)

49 Soi Tientalay  25  Bangkuntien Chai Talay Thakham, Bangkhuntien, Bangkok, 10150, Thailand Tel(office): (66-2) 4707536                             Fax(office): (66-2) 45234555
Mobile Phone: 089-109-5023



Suksabye,P., Pimthong, A. Dhurakit, P., Mekvichitsaeng, P. and Thiravetyan, P. (2016) Effect of biochars and microorganisms on cadmium accumulation in rice grainsgrown in Cd-contaminated soil, Environmental Science and Pollution Research,23, 962-973.

Patent/Petty Patent


Thiravetyan, P., Nakbanpote, W., Netpradit, S. and Dhuraket, P. (2005) Wastewater containing color and/or heavy metals system and process to treatment of wastewater containing color and/or heavy metals ( Petty Patent No. 1887) 

Thiravetyan, P., Nilratnisakorn, S., Maneesuwannarat, S., Dhurakit, P. and Nakbanpote, W. (2014) Treatment system of wastewater containing color and/or organic compounds in wetland including adjusted containers (Petty Patent No. 9321).

Thiravetyan P, Dolphen R., Treesubsuntorn C.,  Dhurakit P., (2016) Air Rotating Biofilter (Petty Patent number 12889 July, 20 2017).