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Dr. Rujira Dolphen

    Dr. Rujira Dolphen
Address (office): Pilot Plant Development and Training Institute (PDTI)
King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi (Bangkhuntien Campus)
49 Soi Tientalay  25  Bangkuntien Chai Talay Thakham, Bangkhuntien, Bangkok, 10150, Thailand
Tel (office): (66-2) 4707536                           Fax (office): (66-2) 4523455
Mobile Phone: 084-786-5011                        E-mail address: 




Dolphen,R. and Thiravetyan, P. (2015) Phytodegradation of ethanolamines by Cyperusalternifolius: Effect of molecular size, International Journal ofPhytoremediation, 17, 686-692.


Dolphen,R. and Thiravetyan, P. (2011) Adsorption of melanoidins by chitin nanofibers,Chemical Engineering Journal, 166, 90-895.


Dolphen,R., Sakkayawong, N., Thiravetyan, P. and Nakbanpote, W. (2007)  Adsorptionof synthetic reactive dye wastewater onto modified chitin , J. of HazardousMaterials, Vol. 145, 250-255.

Patent/Petty Patent


Thiravetyan, P., Dolphen, R., Sakkayawong, N. and Nakbanpote, W. (2007) Process of modified chitin by sodium hyperchlorite (Petty Patent No. 4003)

Thiravetyan, P., Nakbanpote, W. and Dolphen, R. (2013) Process of treatment of cadmium-contaminated soil (Petty Patent No. 8047).

Thiravetyan P, Dolphen R., Treesubsuntorn C., P. Dhurakit, (2016) Air Rotating Biofilter (Petty Patent number 12889 July, 20 2017).