Cannon Ball Pyramid Puzzle

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Cannonball is currently produced by Dave Jarnelle of Creative Crafthouse a family operation in Florida. The puzzle is made out of Raintree Wood, a sustainable wood from Thailand.

 You can see it and purchase it here on his site:

Reilly's Cannonball by Creative Crafthouse

There is also a link to a video about the puzzle there.

Dave also produces a version of my Cube Puzzle:

Reilly's Cube Puzzle by Creative Crafthouse

And there's a video link about that puzzle there too.

These are photos of my original 35 ball pyramid puzzle that was produced by Skor-Mor in 1973.

It is an exceedingly difficult puzzle to assemble.

There are 7 unique shapes of 5 balls each.

Additionally, there was a booklet with silhouette shapes that you could match by assembling the pieces flat as outlines similar to Tangrams.


Here's a close-up of the box:


And, yes, that's a photo of me on the side taken in 1973. One year before Ideal Toy hired me to work in their Research & Development group. This was when they introduced Rubric's cube to the world. And, no, I did not shave my beard nor cut my hair for the job.