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 Award winning game in three versions by three companies: 




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One of my most

successful puzzles:




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A Manipulation Puzzle:

'White Water'

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Science / Nature

Observation Device:


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Here is my

Post & Hole


(See the link to my previous Kickstarter Project for this Cube Puzzle in the column to the right, down below.) 

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of the 
Eric interviewed me for

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Cannon Ball

Pyramid Puzzle 

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 D.I. Y. 

How to Build

Some of my Stuff!

Games, Puzzles,

reilly4puzzles (at) gmail.com

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To appreciate my site's
 'non-design' read:
"You Are Not a Gadget"
by Jaron Lanier.

I recommend 
his new book:
"Who Owns the Future?"


This Installation was an over-sized

version of my Cube Puzzle that I built. 

Each cube was two feet by two feet by two feet.

It was displayed on the Northern Arizona University campus

within the foyer of the Health & Learning Center

for two months. Hundreds of students played with it.



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"The Perfect Wave" 

Below is a kinetic Art Sculpture that I did at NAU.

See it in action: http://youtu.be/H-OlaYRw6rA

It is meant to ‘express’ - not to ‘demonstrate’ - Heisenberg’s theory of quantum physics. The Particle (the ball) corresponds to an indivisible energy portion of the Wave, a so-called ‘Quantum.’ 

The Wave (the disks in motion) describes the probability for the Particle to be located at a certain place. ‘Light’ is considered to be “The Perfect Wave” as it displays properties of both Waves and Particles.


Play it as an Interactive Flash Logic Maze Puzzle

(Click on Link above or Image below.)

Hour Maze is featured in a mathematics paper:

Metrics for Better Puzzles

Published by

Computational Creativity Group - Imperial College London

Email me to receive a PDF copy.

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I have worked in the Toy Business & Film Industry for 30 years.

Beginning as an artist, I invented and built mind-boggling, three dimensional puzzles and games out of fine woods for my daughter. On the strengths of these designs I was employed by Ideal Toy Company as a member of their research and development team when they released Rubic's Cube.

In the 1980's, I produced special effects and specialty props for the film industry, primarily shot in New Mexico.

In 1988, my daughter and I co-authored 'The Bumper Sticker Book' published by Spectacle Press.

1989-92, I managed Alton Walpole's Mountainair Films production company and studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico while Alton was overseas producing the 70mm, award winning feature film 'Baraka.' Check it out on Netflix. An Awesome Film!

In 1992, my game 'AHA' won awards from Parents Magazine, Games Magazine, and the Chicago Tribune among other industry citations. 'AHA' is licensed to the German firm, Zoch Verlag and produced in Europe as 'AYA' and is also produced and distributed in North America and Japan by Mag-Nif as 'Match 5.'

Channel Craft produced and distributed a number of my designs for 16 years.  Among these, 'Whitewater' and the 'Oops' puzzle lines received Games Magazine's Best 100. The puzzle 'Oops' was chosen by the Disney Channel as their executive gift for Christmas and embossed with Mickey's hand print. Touched by the Mouse! 

MOMA, The Whitney, and the San Diego Science Museum, among others, featured these puzzles and my game ‘AHA’ in their gift stores. They were produced and sold worldwide for 14 years.

Use Your Head Unlimited, Inc. produced an entire line of sports ball puzzles based on my 'Oops' and 'Oops Again' puzzles called SMARTS PYRAMIDS.

Dave Janelle of http://www.puzzlecrafthouse.com publishes two of my puzzles, Reilly's Cube and Reilly's Cannonball, in sustainable raintree wood. Check out Dave's site it is a comprehensive assortment of wood puzzles. Perhaps the largest on the Web!

Some of my game and puzzles designs are being transitioned into Art Works.

Most of my traditional game and puzzle design portfolio has agency representation, RoyaltyPros Licensing. Please contact me for a personal introduction. 

I co-authored a screenplay 'The Big Green' (Not the Disney movie) which was optioned by Paul Aaron, DGA.

I am currently involved developing an App-Centric Entertainment Venture with Howard Fleischer and Rich Fukutaki.

For information concerning available creative properties, or for custom game & puzzle design or  consultancy, please contact me: reilly4puzzles(at)gmail.com.

I reside in Flagstaff, Arizona.

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Here's a link to the Kickstarter Project for my Cube Puzzle


Scroll Down that Site's Page for the  entire campaign.

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Written Creative Narratives:

'Syde FX'

is now an eBook.

In this comedy, Jack, Lily and Bud struggle to regain control of Hollywood’s most advanced special effects studio as digital characters emerge into reality from their green screen sound stage and Lily disappears through its walls into the weird universe of infinite greenness beyond.

‘Syde FX’ © 2009 Michael Reilly.

WGA-E Registered. All Rights Reserved.

Download a copy in eBook, PDF, or other formats here:

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Two Screenplays of mine. 

(This one, originally optioned by Paul Aaron, is again available.) 

'The Big Green'

A comedy in which two down-and-out scoundrels commandeer a soon to be scuttled, World War II Aircraft Carrier in Hawaii, re-christen it ‘The Big Green’ and head for Japan. Their business plan is to stop at a small island, cover the flight deck in sod and palm trees, and create the World's only floating golf course!

‘The Big Green’ © 2005 Reilly. 

WGA-E Registered. All Rights Reserved.

Send an email request and I will send you a PDF of the Big Green Screenplay.

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'For Love of Rachel'

A humorous, time-travel romance about letters that bridge a hundred year gap of time via enchanted stamps. A relationship grows between Jake in modern day London and Rachel in 1887.

Using the stamps, would-be-lovers pass each other in the mail. Literally!  Jake travels back in a cardboard box for romance as Rachel adventures off to the future in her steamer trunk. But Rachel must return to rescue Jake as he searches for his soul mate back in 1887.

‘For Love of Rachel’ © 2002 Reilly.

WGA-E Registered. All Rights Reserved.

Send an email request and I will send you a PDF of the Screenplay

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'Hour Maze' Published by Kessing, France.

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