This Election Day 
(AKA Superintendent's Conference Day, Staff Development Day...)
NYSATA Regions 10 and 9 invite you to
our 3rd annual
Artist Studio Workshops for TEACHERS
Spend the entire day with a master artist, learning and creating in his/her studio!
Join us!

Tuesday, November 6th, 2018
9:00 am to 2:00 pm
$50 per person, payable by check, school P.O., or through BOCES Arts-in-Education. 
Complete the form below and your invoice will be sent to you immediately via email. Your artist confirmation will be sent separately, once scheduled.

2018 Artists to date:

Michael Albert
John Philip Capello
Linda Capello
John Cino- Workshop filled
JoAnne Dumas
Gary M. Long- Workshop filled
Dan Welden- Workshop filled
Amy Worth
Jonathan Zamet

Space is limited. Registration is due by October 22nd.
Payment should be received by October 29th.
Register by completing the form at the bottom of this page. 

Artists who are participating in this exciting opportunity are:
  • Michael Albert (collage/ modern pop artist, White Plains – Workshop to be held in Babylon village)
    • BIO: Michael Albert, NY POP artist, has been creating Art since his college days at NYU, where he studied business. His art has evolved from doodles and Pen & Ink, to serious wax oil drawing to the cubist mosaic cereal box collages he has become known for. In the past several years he has been creating large scale”Epic” collage works on various themes including historical, biblical, literary, musical, lyrical, botanical, mathematical & geographical. He is also the founder/owner and artist for the Sir Real brand line of refrigerated juices found in upscale grocers and speciality food markets throughout the greater NY Metro area. 
    • WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: Max 8 participants – COLLAGE – Participants will be lead in a collage workshop using the same materials used by the artist for his creations. 
      • MATERIALS NEEDED: Some materials will be provided; Participants should bring archival glue (bottle of Lineco brand pH neutral archival acid free glue from art store or online), otherwise you will be provided Elmer’s glue; Please bring your own scissors (some scissors may provided by the artist).

  • John Philip Capello (direct stone carver, Sag Harbor)
    • BIO: John is a self-taught artist with a classical mastery of his craft and a romantic intuition. He is a direct carver, working without sketches, who begins each piece with no preconception of what it will ultimately be, only a determination to find out “what the stone wants to say.” He “finds” the form within the marble after months of painstaking labor, and often it is a blend of human and animal forms, with multiple faces, on a theme from ancient mythology, history or literature.
    • WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: Max 8 participants – Introduction to stone carving and single-use clay molds will include a demo of uses of hand and power tools, how to hold and use tools safely and care and sharpening of tools. Emphasis is on direct stone carving and working raw stone to a finished sculpture.  
      •  MATERIALS NEEDEDParticipants should bring safety glasses, your own tools (if you can't, John has some), and your own stone or clay.

  • Linda Capello (life drawing/illustrator, Sag Harbor)
    • BIO: Linda is a master of figure drawing. A graduate of FIT, she has worked in the fashion industry for over 20 years. This artist states “All I every wanted to do was draw, and this artist states "all I have ever wanted to draw were people". I am a classically trained anatomist, but instead of rigid, mechanical representation of muscle, bone and flesh, I look for subtlety of the line; the strength and sensuality of the thick, thin and post line. The curve of the neck and arch of the spine speak volumes.” She teaches life drawing and portfolio prep classes on the East End through the high schools and at the Southampton Cultural Center and the Barge in Amagansett. Linda is a member of the Southampton Artist Alliance and the Artists Alliance of East Hampton.
    • WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: Max 8 participants – Figure drawing from the nude model. Emphasis will be placed on form and line quality, proportion and foreshortening during short and long poses.
      • MATERIALS NEEDED: Participants should bring an 18”x24” newsprint pad, drawing board, kneaded eraser, soft vine charcoal, conte, soft woodless pencils or other medium of choice.

  • John Cino (sculpture, Patchogue)
    • BIO: I seek to find the connections between diverse fields of human study. The work I create is often ambiguous: where one person might see fluids I motion or living creatures, another might see music and still another may see a differential equation. Originally setting out to explore the dualities of natural and artificial, geometric and organic, order and chaos, physical and metaphysical, I soon found out that these dualities are really continuums created by a human mind seeking order and differentiation in a universe of interconnectedness. I create carved wood sculpture. The pieces are intuitive. To work with wood is to enter into a dialogue with another being.
    • WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: Max 4 participants – Creating in the manner of Jean Arp – Soapstone is a soft, easily carved stone which can be shaped with saws and files and is easily sanded, making it a good material to introduce carving to students. In this workshop, the participant will create an organic sculpture with negative spaces in the manner of Jean Arp. The participant will first rough cut the stone using coping saws. One or more openings will be drilled through the stone which will then be sanded through a series of finer gritted sand papers and finished with a polish. The finished sculpture will be mounted onto a wood block. NOTE: Because of time limitations, the final pieces with base will be small, under six inches. Larger pieces require more time and equipment such as mallets and chisels.
      • MATERIALS NEEDED: All materials will be provided by the artist.
      • MATERIALS FEE: Please bring a $20 materials fee.

  • JoAnne Dumas (photography, Wading River)
    • BIO: JoAnne is an artist and educator. She has taught visual arts from 1st grade through college level and exhibits her photo-based abstract water images. Her work can be seen at www.joannedumas.com.
    • WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: Max 8 participants – Creativity Released: Small Collages in Relief – This is your day to try something new and have fun! To get your creativity flowing we will work small and on multiple pieces either consecutively or simultaneously. Keeping pieces small and investing less time sets a playful tone with new possibilities that can subsequently be used in larger pieces. Collages can be digital, 2D, or 3D. Collages that are 3D are called a "collage in relief." The objects in a collage can be glued, nailed, stapled, or sewn down. A collage is fun because you can make one out of almost anything – paint, photos, objects, etc. and a combination of all of these! Collage, assemblage, and relief have a dynamic history in art.
      • MATERIALS: 
        • Backboards (3) approximately 6"x6" (such as paper, mat board, foam core, tin, wood);  
        • Mediums (papers, paints, pencils, photographs, text, fabric, and/or other objects); 
        • Adherents (glue, staples, nails, and/or needle and thread)
        • Other helpful supplies (scissors, mat knife, brushes, etc.)
        • Additional items may be available in JoAnne's studio; JoAnne also has a sink, paper cutter, mat cutter, rulers, light table, cutting boards, rags, paper towels, and a microwave available to participants.

  • Gary M. Long (portraiture, Cutchogue)
    • BIO: Gary M. Long is a retired licensed NYC Dept. of Education teacher who taught art and elementary school for over twenty years in Bushwhack, Brooklyn, NYC. He has been drawing and painting portraits and figures since his youth. His approach enables each student to build self-confidence and gain a greater level of visual acuity by learning to see mindfully. He is also a fully accredited Leader/Instructor of Portrait Clubs of America founded by John Howard Sanden and his wife Elizabeth R. Sanden. Gary accepts commissioned portraits and landscape figurative paintings which he sells nationally through his portfolio website.
    • WORKSHOP DESCRIPTIONMax 6 participants –Seeing with Mindfulness - A Brush with Passion Painting/Drawing WorkshopHave you ever wondered how an artist who draws a portrait at a fair does it?  This workshop gives participants the necessary tools to achieve a reasonable likeness of the subject and learn, "Seeing with Mindfulness". Participants will learn "The Four Valuable Conceptual Aids using the Sight-Sized Method of Drawing/Painting" which establishes the foundation to all accurate drawing. "A Brush with Passion" emphasizes the artist's struggle to give the work the necessary emotional quality of the extraordinary. This format has been taught at the Art Students League for decades. Every crucial painting discipline; draftsmanship, value judgment, color discernment, brush handling, edge treatment, etc. all of these essential disciplines are brought acutely and urgently into play during the single-sitting portrait session. As participants progress on their journey, Gary will provide continued guidance. The reward is a wonderful piece of artwork and a heightened level of self-esteem, which adds to each one's sense of self-worth.

  • Dan Welden (master printer, Sag Harbor)
    • BIO: Dan Welden is a master printmaker, painter, educator and author. His work has been shown in over 80 international solo exhibitions in museums and galleries and over 700 group exhibitions in the U.S., Europe, China, Japan, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand and Peru. His work is in many public and private collections throughout the country including the Amity Art Foundation, Darien, CT; Baltimore Museum of Art, MD; Portland Museum of Art, OR; and Temple University, Philadelphia, PA; Cape Cod Museum of Art, Dennis, MA among many others. Dan is an innovator at the forefront of the alternative health and safety oriented movement of printmaking, and the originator of a technique called Solarplate. As a teacher, Dan continues to inspire students around the world in workshops where he demonstrates how to make Solarplates and print both intaglio and relief plates. His demonstrations at the New York State Art Teacher’s Association Conferences, Southern Graphics Council and Mid America Print Council Conferences inspire teachers, students and artists to make prints using the safer and greener methods of Solarplate etching without the use of acids or other dangerous chemicals.
    • WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: Max 6 participants – Solarplate Creating with the Master– Students will have the opportunity to create a drawing on special ‘grained’ glass. Drawing will be 6x8 inches. In lieu of drawing, they may bring digital positives to transfer to the Solarplates.

o   ALL MATERIALS SUPPLIED BY ARTIST: 6x8” Solarplate, paper, ink, etc.

o   MATERIALS FEE: Please bring $10.

  • Amy Worth (painter, Greenport)
    • BIO: Amy Worth lives in Orient, NY and is retired from teaching art, Fashion Design & Illustration, Drawing & Painting and Creative Crafts at Huntington HS. She began her art career as a textile artist. Her work is part of many designer collections including Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, and Paloma Picasso. She, and her husband Tom Payne, own The South Street Gallery, in Greenport, NY where she currently paints and teaches.
    • WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: Max 6 participants – CRAFT – This two part workshop will focus on needle felting and safety pin bracelets. Each segment will take about two hours with a break for lunch. PART ONE: Needle Felting - Make an eyeglass, or phone, holder while exploring needle felting. Unlike traditional felting, a wet process, you’ll work with a special needle and ‘punch’ the fibers onto a wool surface in this relaxing and creative craft. PART TWO: Safety Pin Bracelets - Computer wiring and glass seed beads are used to make safety pin bracelets, a recycled project that has its roots in Africa.
      • MATERIALS FEE: Please bring $10.

  • Jonathan Zamet (ceramist, Babylon)
    • BIO: “I make my pottery in two ways: from slabs rolled out on a slab roller, and on the potter’s wheel. Most of my career has been spent on the potter’s wheel. Recently I became interested in making pieces from rolled out slabs of clay.” Born in the UK and growing up in London, Jonathan studied history at Oxford and Columbia Universities. He presently lives in Babylon in a wonderful old house designed in 1911 by Sayville architect, Issac H. Green. A small workshop resides in a converted basement space. He discovered an interest in pottery while studying at Columbia.  
    • WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: Max 6 participants – “It’s what I am; it’s what I do” Art, technique, and deciding what to do. – As a potter who makes things for people to use in their homes Jonathan is constantly faced with the decision as to what to make. There are three main considerations: 1) What does it please the artist to make? Because if it does not please him, what’s the point? 2) What can sell? 3) What can be made within his studio facility limits, his physical strength, his skill and know-how? The teachers will explore these issues in part to help in their own personal art work. Three main parts of the day - Introductions, tour of Jonathan’s work space, pottery examples, brief demonstration focusing on execution technique. Then 30 minute DVD/discussion of the very distinguished British potter Richard Batterham which will be preceded by an opportunity to examine/handle examples of Batterham’s work in Jonathan’s collection.  Participants will have the opportunity to see/discuss the contrast of other notable potters' examples in his collection. This workshop will end with a roundtable discussion in which the teachers share their thoughts about the film, issues raised, and their own work and experience. Hopefully, there will be time to ask Jonathan any questions they might have of a practical/technical nature with regard to ceramics.

Space is limited. Registration is due by October 15th.
Payment should be received by October 29th.
Register by completing the form below
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Election Day Registration 2018

  • Kathy Cunningham – not running this year
  • Hector deCordova (painter, Greenport) – not running this year
  • Bruce Lieberman (Perceptual painting/plein air, Water Mill) – not running this year
  • Roxanne Panero (drawing, Sagaponack) – not running this year
  • Constance Wain (Painting/Drawing/Mixed Media, South Huntington) – not running this year
  • Garance Werthmuller (monoprint, New Suffolk) – not running this year

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