Who We Are

P r o d u c e r s

Bill Mudge, B.A. Art History, MBA, Director/Co-Producer

Jean Mudge, Ph.D., Jean Mudge Media, Scriptwriter/Co-Producer

Key Science Advisor

Bob Milley, Associate Director, Discovery-Drug Delivery

Dynavax Technologies, Berkeley, California, Co-Producer

M e d i a   C o n s u l t a n t 

Jeremiah Birnbaum, President, San Francisco School of Digital Filmmaking

B o a r d   o f   A d v i s o r s

Brian Atwood, Ph.D. Managing Partner, Versant Ventures, San Francisco

Robert Benjamin, Retired TB Controller,

Alameda County Public Health Department, Oakland

Jennifer Brakeman, Ph.D., Instructor, Biology, Head Royce School, Oakland

Jeffery Klausner, MD, David Geffen School of Medicine, 

University of California Los Angeles

James A. Mittelberger, MD, MPH, Clinical Professor of Medicine,

University of California San Francisco School of Medicine

Kevin Outterson, Ph.D., LLD, Professor Law, Boston University,

N. Neal Pike Scholar of Health & Disability Law

Executive Director, CARB-X

Lee W. Riley, MD, Ph.D., Head, Infectious Diseases and Vaccinology,

University of California, Berkeley

John E. Swartzberg, MD, Chair, Clinical Professor, Emeritus,

University of California, Berkeley,

University of California San Francisco Joint Medical Program


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