Beating SuperBugs: Can We Win?

How science, government and business could save us from 
the superbug crisis.

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Our recent Kickstarter campaign raised many thousands of dollars, 
letting us continue development and start production of 
"Beating Superbugs: Can We Win?"
More recently, several generous corporate-matched gifts helped 
advance production, but won't cover all completion, 
post-production and distribution costs.

"No one wants to turn the clock back to the pre-antibiotic era, but unless we work together, that is the world we will leave for our children.  This film is timely, connecting real patients with the scientific, political and economic challenges that must be overcome in order to preserve the most effective drugs in human history."

Kevin Outterson, Professor of Law, Boston University

N. Neal Pike Scholar of Health & Disability Law

Executive Director, CARB-X

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 Current Documentary Film Project 

Beating SuperBugs: Can We Win? focuses on solutions to a universal health crisis: the rising threat of "superbugs" -- antibiotic resistant bacteria. By constant mutation and other ingenious means, these highly adaptable bugs are fending off even our strongest antibiotics. Scientists tell us we're now living in “a post-antibiotic age.”

Superbugs attack anyone: any ethnic group, age or class, often lethally. Every year in the U.S. alone, they infect more than 2 million people, and of those, kill 23,000. Worldwide annually, 700,000 die. Superbugs threaten to take even more lives than cancer.  Many of our habits have fast-tracked their virulence. Seventy per cent of our antibiotics are now largely ineffective, and few new ones are on the way.

This film focuses on some of the most dangerous superbugs, according to the latest report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): resistant tuberculosis, MRSA (resistant staph), and two types of gut infections -- Clostridium difficile (C. diff.), and CREs (which can attack vital organs in the human body). It also highlights the best current counterattacks now in the pipelines of science, international governments and the pharmaceutical industry.

Beating Superbugs asks, can we deliver vital new weapons fast enough to keep this threat at bay and simultaneously sustain the health of beneficial bacteria, humans and the environment?

With the film's production now done, we seek additional post-production funds, following a well-developed completion plan. Already, we've interviewed patients, doctors and researchers involved with our chosen superbugs who exemplify front-line personnel in the battle. We’ve also covered the evolving plans of global governments and business, largely led by communicating but as yet separate groups in the US, UK and the EU. We have finished most of these interviews but still need to design and commission high-quality custom animations. As close to the film's release date as possible, we will interview health officials worldwide for their latest policies and programs. Additional funding will also cover marketing and distribution, essential to the largest possible viewership, because all of us are involved in this fight.