BEATING SUPERBUGS: CAN WE WIN? (click here to watch) features solutions to a universal health crisis: the present and rising threat of "superbugs"-- antibiotic-resistant bacteria. These microbes can act together with viruses, including COVID-19: When viral infections weaken a patient, these rogue bacteria often come in for the kill. This film explores global solutions to superbugs’ stealthy, ever-present danger.

By constant mutation and other ingenious means, these highly adaptable bugs are fending off even our strongest antibiotics. Experts say we're now living in “a post-antibiotic age.”

Superbugs flourish worldwide. No one is exempt. Every year in the U.S. alone, they infect more than 2 million people, and of these, kill about 35,000--a low estimate. Annually, too, 700,000 die globally, fast competing with cancer as the world's No. 1 deadliest disease. Many of our common habits have unwittingly fast-tracked their virulence. Seventy per cent of our antibiotics are now largely ineffective, and few new ones are on the way.

By personal stories and expert testimonies, this documentary puts viewers in the midst of the superbug threat. It then overviews effective counter-strategies devised by science, government and the pharmaceutical industry.

From the start "Beating Superbugs" also asks: Can we deliver vital new weapons fast enough to keep this threat at bay and simultaneously sustain the health of beneficial bacteria vital to both humans and the environment? Throughout, it also gives viewers tips to answer, "What can I, individually, do to protect 'good' healthy bacteria and fight those that are 'harmful'?"

With the film completed in early 2021, we welcome additional funds for promotion and distribution, essential to the largest possible viewership. All of us are involved in this fight. Success in the global battle against superbugs demands that every single person be savvy about its great threat and support the best and latest solutions, highlighted in this film.

"No one wants to turn the clock back to the pre-antibiotic era, but unless we work together, that is the world we will leave for our children. This film is timely, connecting real patients with the scientific, political and economic challenges that must be overcome in order to preserve the most effective drugs in human history."

Kevin Outterson, Professor of Law, Boston University

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