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November Production Update.mp4

We finished BEATING SUPERBUGS: CAN WE WIN?, a feature-length documentary in early 2021. We have been entering the film in the most relevant domestic and international film festivals. These entries include several notable wins including the best science film at the Cannes World Film Festival. Screenings at these far-flung venues--famous, infamous and lesser-known--will start the fulfillment of our goal: to reach the widest possible global audience. Simultaneously, we will launch a broad and intensive distribution campaign, from universal streaming to institutional, community and various levels of school viewers.

" 'BEATING SUPERBUGS: CAN WE WIN?' asks one of the most serious questions facing society today. Antibiotic resistance threatens to undo decades of medical progress, making once treatable infections lethal, and dramatically reducing our ability to provide medical care that relies upon the availability of safe and effective antibiotics, including chemotherapy, care of preterm infants, and many surgeries. This important documentary will help everyone understand the urgent need for new antibiotics and a comprehensive effort to combat antibiotic resistance.”

William Powderly, MD, FIDSA

President, Infectious Diseases Society of America

“All of us are threatened by the rise of the superbug and we must act as a community to stay ahead of the problem. I really enjoyed the clarity of the storytelling in the teaser and I think that this project’s focus on both explaining the problem and highlighting solutions will be a valued contribution to raising public awareness!”

John H. Rex, MD

Chief Medical Officer, F2G Ltd., Expert-in-Residence, Wellcome Trust Operating Partner, Advent Life Sciences

" 'BEATING SUPERBUGS: CAN WE WIN?' Watch this, think about it, and share it with your friends and colleagues. This film addresses one of the most important issues of our day and gets the science and message right."

John Swartzberg, MD, FACP

Clinical Professor, EmeritusUC Berkeley - UCSF Joint Medical ProgramInfectious Diseases & Vaccinology DivisionUC Berkeley School of Public HealthChair, Editorial Board, UC Berkeley Wellness Letter and