Our Purpose

    Recombinant Films, LLC, aims to produce cutting-edge science documentaries with cut-downs for specialized classrooms, companion Web sites, and source reference lists.

    Its current project, Beating Superbugs: Can We Win?, brings together patients, doctors, and research scientists with government and economic representatives, all of whom are working on solutions to the rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Separately and together, they are developing exciting, innovative new ways to fight the debilitating and sometimes fatal effects of the superbug threat, while simultaneously preserving human and environmental health.

    This internationally targeted documentary, for a generally educated but uninitiated audience, emphasizes our ancestral link to bacteria. It explores how certain rogue bacteria--superbugs--became champions of antibiotic resistance. The science part of the film focuses on four of the CDC's top superbug threats: tuberculosis; staph, or MRSA; an intestinal infection, C. difficile; and the CREs, a family of bacteria affecting multiple human organs. Patient and doctor stories are paired with a variety of emerging treatments that fight these superbugs. In the film's government and economic sections, experts explain ingenious collaborative plans to provide new or renewed antibiotics for a universal market at reasonable pricesIn its infancy, the coordination of these promising developments needs public interest and funding to move ahead swiftly, lest an ominous estimate occurs: Unless we do something now to thwart superbugs, they will replace cancer as the world's chief killer by mid-21st century. 

Merck Pharmaceuticals acquired Cubist, a leading start-up  company in the fight against resistant bacteria.

    Creative Approach:  The film moves easily and often between the human and microbial worlds, helping to cement their underlying unity.  First-rate custom animations and microphotography quickly take us between both realms. All the while, human suffering, expectation, determination and dedication by sufferers and scientists--ethnically and economically diverse--are pitted against the survival-oriented "strategic thinking" of superbugs. Each of the four resistant bacteria of our focus is shown in criminal profile, the better to block their MO. This alert to the superbug danger and leading medical solutions provides a necessary platform for understanding global government and business plans underway to speed both new scientific discoveries and their arrival to a mass market. We know of no other film focussing on solutions to superbugs, nor to these basic positive strategies to tackle them. 

    Click on FAQs for details of the project, including how it differs from other films on the subject. 

     Nonprofit Fiscal Sponsor:  Our 501(c)3 fiscal sponsor is Catticus Corporation of Berkeley, California.  Since 1980, Catticus has sponsored educational media for public radio and television, including more than three dozen television projects.  Catticus handles funds from major sources, including the National Endowment for the Humanities, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, the Park Foundation, the California Council for the Humanities, and many other foundations and private donors.  Its board includes educators, film producers, historians and business executives.  All donations to this project through Catticus are fully tax-deductible.  Click on Donate Now for Catticus's contact information.