About us

Reclaim the Night Collective Geelong:

  • is a women’s community group that has been active for 25 years focusing on the impact of family violence and sexual assault on women and children
  • works to creates awareness about issues and engages and empowers women to take action against them
  • is part of the international Reclaim the NIght movement for women's right to be free from violence and to be safe.

Background to Reclaim the Night internationally

  • Reclaim the Night is a global women’s protest against men’s sexual violence held on the last Friday in October each year. It allows women to come together to speak out against violence and to celebrate strength
  • The first Reclaim the Night march was in Belgium in March 1976 by the women attending the International Tribunal on Crimes against Women. They marched together holding candles to protest the ways in which violence permeates the lives of women worldwide. Other marches were held in Rome in 1976  as a reaction to recently released rape statistics, in West Germany in 1977  demanding "the right to move freely in their communities at day and night without harassment and sexual assault," and in 11 towns in England later in 1977  in response to the "Ripper Murders" in Leeds.
  •  Australia’s first Reclaim the Night march took place in 1978.
  • Over 30 events were held throughout Australia in 2010.
Link here for more information about the Reclaim the Night movement

Geelong events