[News] RT-Xen 2.2 is released to be based on Xen 4.6

[News] RTDS scheduler is released as an experimental feature in Xen 4.5

[News] RT-Xen talk on Xen Developer Summit, Chicago, August 18-19, 2014

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[Update] Video of How to install RT-Xen and LITMUS on RT-Xen are released.

RT-Xen is an open-source virtualization platform for systems integration and cloud computing with real-time performance guarantees. The RT-Xen project extends Xen, a widely used open-source virtual machine manager, to support virtual machines with real-time performance requirements. RT-Xen features a compositional real-time scheduling framework that bridges the gap between virtualization technology and real-time scheduling theory for predictable real-time computing on virtualized platforms.

Current Version

The latest full-featured version of RT-Xen is at github: https://github.com/pennpanda/RT-Xen, branch rtxen-v2.0-full-feature. It made the following improvements based on RT-Xen 2.0:

a) Add the functionality of displaying each VCPU's parameter;

b) Support CPU Pool;

c) Switch scheduling policies on the fly;

d) Bug fix and code style improvement.

Please refer to [Download] for more information.


RT-Xen 2.0

RT-Xen v2.0 is out in Oct, 2013! It made the following changes:

a). Multicore VM support! CPU mask aware global scheduling

b). Flexible scheduling interface, allowing (budget, period, CPU mask) for each VCPU. Thus is compatible with multiple hierarchical scheduling theories;

c). Re-designed the run queue arechitecture, now implemented as two schedulers: rt-global and rt-partition;

d). Dynamic switching between EDF and DM in each scheduler;

e). Configured to run VM as deferrable server or periodic server;

d). Moved code to GitHub and Google Code.


RT-Xen 1.1

RT-Xen 1.1 was released in May, 2011. Compared to RT-Xen 1.0, following changes were made:

a). Code Integration: A sub framework sched_rt.c was developed, and each Real Time Schedulers were implemented as a sub scheduler under sched_rt.c.

b). Three different schedulers were implemented under sched_rt.c, along with a Deferrable Server Scheduler. Please refer to Publications for more information.


RT-Xen 1.0

RT-Xen 1.0 was released in Feb, 2011. It is based on Xen 4.0.1 and tested using Fedora 13, 64-bit version with para-kernel ( It includes four schedulers: Deferrable Server, Sporadic Server, Periodic Server, and Polling Server. Please goto the the Background section to see basic information about different Servers and the Hierarchical Scheduling Theory. 


For how to use our RT-Xen, please goto the Download, Installation, and Getting Started sections for details.

If you have any questions/suggestions/comments, please contact us.