Welcome Aboard

Welcome to the Internet home of the Rutland County RC Flyers. We're dedicated model aviation enthusiasts that fly during the warmer months at the Fair Haven Municipal Airport, in Fair Haven, VT. Although we share a common love of flying, our interests are as varied as the aircraft you'll see on the field.

We welcome visitors to our field anytime we're flying, typically Tuesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays during the warmer months. In order to fly with us, you'll need to be a club member in good standing, and be a current member of the Academy of Model Aeronautics. See details on our FAQ page or download our membership application.

Coming Events

NOTE: Because of continuing COVID-19 issues, we highly recommend that before you head out, check with a given event sponsor to make sure the listed event is still being held.

Flying this Week

It's hard to say exactly 'when' most folks will be flying this week, as it appears communication among our membership is not one our stronger suits. We suggest getting in touch with folks you want to fly with and see what works out best for you. Tuesday actually turned out to be a beautiful day for flying; the sun was out, and winds were minimal. But alas, it appears most folks already had other plans.

If you do get out this week, have fun!

Club YouTube Channel is Popular!

Google reported to us this week that in the last month, folks out there on the internet viewed over 803 minutes of videos on the club's YouTube Channel...that amounts to over 13-hours of viewing time! Note this is only for club-produced videos that appear on the club's YouTube Channel. Check us out!

Giant-Scale Eurocopter EC-135