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Welcome to the Internet home of the Rutland County RC Flyers. We're dedicated model aviation enthusiasts that fly during the warmer months at the Fair Haven Municipal Airport, in Fair Haven, VT. Although we share a common love of flying, our interests are as varied as the aircraft you'll see on the field.

We welcome visitors to our field anytime we're flying, typically Tuesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays during the warmer months. In order to fly with us, you'll need to be a current club member (or guest), and a current member of the Academy of Model Aeronautics. See details on our FAQ page or download our membership application.

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Stop in for a Cold One

TUESDAY: The RCRCF version of the "3 Amigos" premiered at the field on Tuesday this week, and you can see us, frozen in place, in the above photo. Since there was no one else around to take the picture, we used Pete's DJI Mini 2 to do the job. As it hovered about 3 feet off the deck over the grass runway, we simply zoomed in, aimed, and took the pic. Not long after the photo was taken, we packed up our gear, cranked up the heat, and headed for home. We're all hoping we're getting near the end of the cold stuff. Enough is enough, already!

SATURDAY: Our annual airport work day is slated for Saturday, April 24th, weather-permitting. We'll hope for the best! Be sure to bring some rakes and shovels, and wear appropriate footwear on Saturday. OK, the break is over...back to work!

Video of the Week

Who doesn't just LOVE the sound of a big RC engine? Well, here's a large-scale Pitts with 6-cylinders pulling the aircraft all over the sky. Enjoy!