Why You Should Join the Rutland County RC Flyers

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has recently implemented new rules that restrict flying unmanned aerial system (UAS) in US Airspace. This applies to all types of model aircraft: airplanes, helicopters, and even multirotor craft (drones). There are hefty fines in place for pilots that get caught breaking the rules, whether or not those pilots belong to an RC club. But by joining a club such as ours, you will become part of an enthusiastic group that keeps fun AND safety at the top of the list. And you'll be a lot less likely to get into trouble with the FAA.

The Rutland County RC Flyers is a chartered club with the Academy of Model Aeronautics (#3090). As such, all club members are AMA members that adhere to the AMA Safety Code, which helps ensure all RC pilots fly safely. We also follow our own Operational and Safety Guidelines at the airport. We certainly want to have fun, but we want to do it safely.

Because we fly at a fixed site (Fair Haven Municipal Airport), the FAA and full-scale pilots 'know' where we are, and that safe model operations will be taking place at that site. As such, our airfield is included in such apps as AirMap, which show exactly where we are. This information is useful not only for model enthusiasts, but to pilots of manned aircraft, as well, and everyone is on the same page regarding flying safety. Because we're officially on the 'charts,' full-scale pilots know to avoid our airfield at low altitudes.

Did we mention fun? We have an awesome time getting together at the field. Of course, there's lots of flying, but the hangar talk is constant. You never know 'what' you'll hear in the pit/setup area! You will learn from your fellow members, too: modeling techniques, 'how' to fly aerobatics, and perhaps how to scratch-build a scale model. In addition to open flying on Tuesdays and weekends, we also host an air show (Fun Fly) each July at our field. We attract visiting pilots and spectators from all over New England, NY State, and even Canada. In the fall we float fly at Little Lake St. Catherine in Wells, VT, and just before the holidays we meet for our annual Christmas Party. To sum it up, we have a great time!

All this fun won't cost you a fortune, either. We looking forward to welcoming you as a new club member! To learn more about model aviation and our club, feel free to download our Pilot Handbook. And while you're at it, click for our Membership Application. You'll be glad you did.

How to Find Us

  • Take Exit 2 off US Rt. 4 (Fair Haven exit)
  • Take Rt. 22A (Washington St.) south towards Fair Haven.
  • Take the first left after you pass McDonalds onto 4th Street, then an immediate sharp left onto Airport Road.
  • Follow Airport Road to the end until you reach the intersection with the airport's original gravel runway.
  • STOP! Wait until a club member waves you down the gravel runway towards the pit area.
  • Proceed slowly down the gravel runway to the pit area and park.
  • ALTERNATE ROUTE: Conditions-permitting, you can also follow the mowed path off of Airport Rd. directly to the pit area.