Club Information

Club Membership

Membership in the Rutland County RC Flyers is literally open to anyone that's even remotely interested in model aviation. Whether you're a seasoned veteran pilot, or just starting out, you've found a group and a flying field that will quickly feel like family...and home. We hail from all walks of life, and have varying levels of experience flying RC, and in some cases, full scale aircraft. One thing is for sure: we all LOVE to fly! Click for our current AMA Club Roster.

To join the club, you'll need to download, fill out, and send in our membership form to our club Treasurer, Jim Rotondo. Jim's mailing information is right on the form. There's a simple chart on the form that indicates what the fee schedule is for you, depending on your age in the current calendar year. Send the appropriate fee along with the completed membership form to Jim. 

In order to fly with us, you'll need to also be a current member of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA). The AMA offers various membership options, but for the best liability coverage and AMA's monthly Model Aviation magazine, you'll want to be a full member of that organization.

FAA Requirements for Flying Model Aircraft

In order to fly RC aircraft legally in  the US, the FAA requires the following: