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Encourage those you know to check into our weekly net on SAT mornings at 0800 on 146.55 simplex.

Monday nights at 2000 Fritz is net control for a short CB ch 31 check in followed by an FRS channel 1 net. If you know someone with a CB or FRS radio let them know.

In tests we have found that FRS appears to work as good as CB in RB and that they both have a place in or communications plan.

There were two other suggestion and discussions on the table.

1. Is to allow members an opportunity to gain experience acting as net control. Vote=yes.

2. Create another net on local 2 meter and 440 repeaters located on Mt Woodson and Black Mt. vote=yes. Thinking Fri 1830.

The RBERS sponsored Technician License class and testing had 33 applicants with 30 passing.

We will host another class in the future.

As always we are always looking for new member to join our group.

I encourage everyone to take the FEMA on-line ICS training. Incident Command System (ICS) is used by all government agencies and is used by most organizations such as CERT, Red Cross, etc. Recommended classes are 100b, 200b, 700a, 704, and 800b. Classes can be found at http://training.fema.gov/IS/NIMS.aspx.

We should become familiar with the ICS 213 message form. It is the General Message form used by all public service agencies to pass and track messages.

If you have not filled out the DSW insurance form I encourage you to do so.



There is no CERT meeting scheduled for May. Quarterly CERT meeting are held at the Swim and Tennis Club, at 7PM. You are invited to attend.


Members were asked to bring in laptop for RMS express digital message training.

The Red Cross net is every Tue night at 8PM on the 147.195 (+) 114.8 RACES Repeater.

Guest check ins are first followed by member check ins by district.


On 4/26 REACT provided communications support for the Lakeside western days parade.

Future events:

May 4th – Safari Park ½ Marathon

May 10th – Vail Lake Horse Ride

May 15th – REACT General Meeting

June 14/15 – Descanso Horse Ride


The speaker was Tony Sawyer who took a 4 day course at New Mexico Tech regarding "Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings, an Overview". Mr. Sawyer had a PowerPoint show.


Next meeting will be Wed June 4th


Dan Hendricks from OSML(Open Source Makers Lab) gave a presentation.

Open Source Maker Labs is a high-tech digital fabrication lab, where members can learn, collaborate, innovate, design, and build almost anything!


Conflicts with our meeting.


Sept 12th-15th will be the ARRL San Diego Hamfest.

Early bird registration ends on May 31st.




6/1/2014 Sun 10AM-4PM. - 26th annual RB Alive


Sun 0830 PARC ARES Net 146.73 -107.2.

Sun 2000 Sandra net 146.64 -107.2.

Sun 2000 EARS net 146.88 -107.2.

Mon 1900 Donut Net 147.42 Transmit on 146.475 107.2.

Tue 1830 The San Diego Regional Emergency Response net is on Tue on 147.075 +107.2.

Tue 7-7:30PM A SSB net hosted by ED, W6IPT, on 144.23U.

Wed 2nd and 4th week. The North County Emergency Communications Net at 7PM starting on 147.03 +103.5. Then to simplex:

144.375 Fallbrook, Valley Center, Palomar Mountain and Highway 76 East

145.540 Oceanside, Carlsbad and along I-5 north into south Orange County

146.445 Escondido, RB, PQ, Scripps-Poway and along the I-15 corridor south to Mira Mesa

146.550 Encinitas, Rancho Santa Fe, Solana Beach, Del Mar and La Jolla

147.480 Ramona, Borrego, Warner Spgs, Hwy 79 to Julian-Cuyamaca, Mount Laguna and the Backcountry

147.510 San Marcos, Vista and along Freeway 78 west of I-15

Wed 1930 SANDRA 147.15 +107.2.

Sat 0800 RBERS net 146.55 simplex.


We will be conducting a testing session on 5/17 prior to our PAPA System lunch meeting. Check the ARRL website for further information or contact me at PAPATESTING@LIVE.COM.

Every last Sat of the month there is a testing session in Esc held by Harry W6YOO.


Erik provides a show and tell of his new Goal Zero Power Pack.

This is a plug-play power pack for emergencies, camping, fishing, outdoors, indoors, or wherever you need some power. It has 12V power plug, USB port, and a 120V AC 80W Modified sign wave plug. Can be recharged by wall, car, or solar.