Established 1986

The Rancho Bernardo Auxiliary Communications Service (RBASC) / Rancho Bernardo Emergency Radio Service (RBERS) , consists of approximately twenty-five federally licensed Amateur Radio Operators. We maintain Ham Radio Communications equipment at each of the Rancho Bernardo Community Centers to be used in time of Emergencies. We also are developing Emergency Communication Go-Kits to become more mobile.

In 2016 we received a Proclamation from the County Board of Supervisors for providing 30 years of emergency services to the Rancho Bernardo Community.

The Rancho Bernardo Emergency Radio Service (RBERS) was established, through a community grant, in 1986 to provide emergency communications during a disaster such as an earthquake, Fire, Storm, Blackout, or other similar emergency. The name was changed to the Rancho Bernardo Auxiliary Communications Service (RBACS) in 2018 to conform to Homeland Security naming conventions.

RBERS purchased and installed communications equipment, through a grant, at each of the Rancho Bernardo community centers and the Rancho Bernardo Community park and an EOC in the Library.

In 2011 RBERS joined with the Rancho Bernardo Emergency Response Council as their Emergency Communication component for Rancho Bernardo. RBERS is also part of the North County Emergency Communications Group. Ham Radio Communication would also be used if a Red Cross shelter was established in Rancho Bernardo.

To insure proper equipment operation, The RBACS/RBERS conducts simulated disaster exercises throughout the year.

The group is open to any residents who are licensed Amateur Radio Operators or who are interested in obtaining a license, and wish to make a significant contribution to the welfare of their community.


Experience had shown that the more conventional means of communication such as the telephone could not be relied upon in an Emergency.

The introduction of the cellular phone, thought to be an answer to the communication problem, also proved to be unreliable because of circuit overloading or towers being out of service.

Historically, with thousands of operators around the world, amateur radio has been the sole media to provide reliable communications.

Experience during the great Alaskan earthquake, the Los Angeles Northridge quake, the Texas City ship explosion, Katrina, and the Earthquake in Japan, reaffirmed the value and necessity for amateur radio communications.

In most instances Amateur Ham Radio communications has been the only form of communication available immediately after the disaster.


There is a Ham Radio Simplex Net on every Saturday of the month, except the 2nd Sat, at 8:00AM on 146.55 MHz. This allows members and guests a chance to test their communications equipment.

Our SORT Group holds an FRS/GMRS net on channel 7 followed by a CB channel 31 check in every Monday at 7:00 PM. We do not use a privacy code on our FRS/GRMS radios.

RBERS (Rancho Bernardo Emergency Radio Service) was the first Emergency Group in San Diego to conduct a weekly Emergency Preparedness nets. The net was conducted on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 1800 (6:00 PM).

A new topic was selected for each net. Our first net topic was "When Fire Safe Landscaping will not save your home."

The net was on 147.03 MHz (+) 103.5 PL. This was a control net for initial check ins and topics and discussions. (Temporally Suspended)


Breakfast Meetings are held on the 2nd Saturday of each month at 7:30AM.

The RBACS/RBERS Meeting location is at the Rancho Bernardo IHOP. It will be in the same room we used when it was a COCOS.

It is a breakfast meeting and we order, individually, from the Menu. Hope to see you there.



July 04, 2016, 2017, 2018 Booth at the Rancho Bernardo Web Park

Sept 2016, 2017, 2018 Booth at the Rancho Bernardo Safety Fair. Safety Fair, held at the RB Community Park.

Oct 2016, 2018 RBERS drill and the CA Great Shakeout Drill.