Encourge those you know to check into our weekly net on SAT mornings at 0800 on 146.55.

We also need to seek out new member to join our group.

I encourge everyone to take the FEMA on-line ICS training. 100b, 200b, 700a, 704, and 800b. Classes can be found at http://training.fema.gov/IS/NIMS.aspx.

We still have members that have not filled out the DSW insurance form?



This months meeting will be at the Swim and Tennis Club, 2-17-14, at 7PM. Discussing will be about Ham Radio. You are invited to attend.

Red Cross Meeting

Greg KJ6HOV will be the new activity lead. Jack AF6JN who has had the position for over 2 years needs more time for work. He will still be part of the team.

Communications trailer training. Provide DMV record every year. Take driver class room training, pass drivers training. To tow the comm trailer you must complete the trailer driving test and then the comm trailer test.

We practiced passing message traffic between each other using the Red Cross message form and two sample scripts.

Prior to our Tue night net on 2/4 we passed digital messages via RMS Express to get our members familiar with digital modes. We use digital via internet, VHF/UHF, and HF.

The Red Cross net is every Tue night at 8PM on the 147.195 RACES Repeater.

Guest check ins are first followed by member check ins by district. I will be checking in the Nothern District on the 25th.


There was a presentation by the Communication Dispatch Coordinator Jeff Hebert and Jeff Lee from the state OES.

“Intergrating Sworn Officers and the Civilian Radio Volunteers.”

Jeff presented points-of-view from both the Sworn Officer side and the Civilian Radio Volunteer side that will make for a more positive communications experience for any emergency activation.

The bottom line is we are there to serve as communicators and to ask how we can help when we arrive at the event. Remember we speak different languages. We need to avoid conflicts and misunderstandings while maintaining a professional attitude.

We are in the planning stages for the “Baker to Vegas” event in March.

Over 200 law enforcement team will run the 100 mile relay race. Ham Radio operators are the only communications as cell phone do not work.

RACES meeting are on the 1st Monday of the month at the Sheriff EOC. You are invited to attend any of our meetings.


We did not attend the meeting.


We did not attend.


Meeting conflict with ours and is in La Jolla.


Feb 15th-17th Yuma Ham Fest.

March 21st-23rd Baker to Vegas.

Sept 12th-15th will be the ARRL San Deigo Hamfest.

6/1/2014 Sun 10AM-4PM. - 26th annual RB Alive


The San Diego Regional Emergency Response net is on Tue at 6:30PM on 147.075.

The North County Emergency Communications Net on the 2nd and 4th Wed of each month at 7PM starting on 147.03. I will be acting net control on 3/11.

The Escondido CERT Net is on 146.88 on Tue at 7PM.

A SSB net is another Tue net at 7-7:30PM hosted by ED, W6IPT, on 144.23U.


Mae and I will be conducting a testing session on 2/15 prior to our PAPA System lunch meeting. Check the ARRL website for further information or contact me at PAPATESTING@LIVE.COM.

Every last Sat of the month there is a testing session in Esc held by Harry W6YOO.