The Caldwell Family

Albert Caldwell met Sylvia Harbaugh at Park College, now Park University, in Parkville, Missouri. Both came from devout Presbyterian families.  Neither family could afford an education for their children, but Park College was ready to help. At the time Park was dedicated to the training of young Presbyterians from around the world into the service of Christianity. Students worked off most of their tuition in a work-study type of program. 

Here is how Sylvia and Albert looked in 1909 as college seniors:

The two were married by Albert's father, who was a Presbyterian minister, on September 1, 1909, at Sylvia's parents' home, and they set out that very day for their new jobs as missionary teachers at Bangkok Boys' High School. 

About as soon as they got there, the school changed its name to Bangkok Christian College.  It wasn't actually a college in Americans' sense of the word; it was for schoolboys of any age, elementary through high school. Albert was being trained to take over as principal.  

On June 10, 1911, their son Alden was born in Bangkok. 

Here they are in Bangkok a few months later, with the adults wearing their typical "uniform" as teachers.

Bangkok Christian College is still in business and is often described as the oldest school in Thailand.  Albert taught English at BCC, and BCC still is known for its various English language programs.

(photo credits: top two, Fishburn Archives, Park University: bottom, photo courtesy John Robinson)
(Photos are copyrighted.)