Come Hear Me Speak!

The following list shows places I'm speaking, although some are for private groups or clubs.  If you know someone in one of the clubs, you can probably ask about being a guest.  Keep watching for updates!  I'll also post updates as they come up on the page "A Rare Titanic Family" on Facebook.  In the following list, speeches in Bold are for A Rare Titanic Family.  Speeches in Italics are for my book Wings of Opportunity:  The Wright Brothers in Montgomery, Alabama, 1910.

ALL NEW!!!  I now appear as Sylvia Caldwell, who tells the Titanic story as though it's summer, 1912.  This 50-minute one-woman show was developed for the Florida Chautauqua and has been shown in many other venues as well.  I have to admit, it's a LOT of fun.  Ask me about it!  (That's me in costume as Sylvia, at left.)  NOTE:  I appear in costume at both types of Titanic shows (traditional or Sylvia show).

Those wishing to hear about the Titanic may select either the traditional PowerPoint show based on the stories of the Titanic my great-uncle told me, or they may choose to have me perform as Sylvia.

I also speak on:

 *History of the Mass Media  

 *Carrie Ingalls, Frontier Journalist (You may remember Carrie from Little House on the Prairie)            

 *Non-fiction writing

Unless noted, all times are in Central Time (US).  I'll always bring my book for sale and will take cash, checks, or credit cards.  In Alabama, the price with tax is $23.  The price varies in each state according to the state sales tax.

If you have a group you'd like me to speak to, do contact me through my publisher, NewSouth Books:, or 334-834-3556.


August 25-27 -- Titanic Conference 2017, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.  I'll speak the evening of Friday, August 25, giving my traditional Titanic show.  I'll also be available for roundtable discussions and book-singings.  The conference will be held at Spirit of the Smokies Condo Lodge, where we have an exceptional group rate.  To register, go to "Titanic Conference 2017" ON Facebook and contact Bill Willard.  Here's a list of events, not necessarily in the right order.  I'll update with times as I find out:

1) "The Sea Shall Give Up Her Dead - The Reverend Canon Hind and the Mackay-Bennett."
2) "Playing for Time - A closer look at Titanic's band"
3) "Duty Bound - the loss of Titanic's Mail Clerks"

4) "Titanic in the Courts and the Rogue Expedition- the legal decisions concerning Titanic"
5) "Goldsmiths - The story of Frank, Emily and Frankie during and after the sinking of Titanic" by son and grandson Frank Goldsmith Jr.
6) – “The Caldwells: A Rare Titanic family and the stories he told me – and the secrets he never told.”- Julie Williams
7) "Leah and Filly Aks" - Shelley Binder
8) Interactive Titanic - an audience participation activity about many things Titanic!
9) "Titanic Requiem". This will be a very special moment of the conference.... don't miss this session!!
10) viewing of A Night to Remember
11) several sessions are being reserved for other Titanic descendants who commit, and will share family stories, and for invited speakers who commit.
12) Roundtables! - Social time, to just sit and talk with new friends or old friends about all things.
AND.... a visit to the Titanic Attraction in Pigeon Forge, TN!

Tuesday, November 7 -- Aliceville Museum, 104 Broad Street, Aliceville, AL, 11:30 p.m.  I will speak about the Wright Brothers' time in Alabama for a Veterans' Day luncheon program.

Thursday, November 9 -- First Christian Church, Birmingham, 11:30 a.m. Lunch and Learn.  I will speak about the Wright Brothers' time in Alabama here.

Monday, November 13 -- Young at Heart Club --  try, try again!  In January Young at Heart had to reschedule due to a death in the leadership and the national championship football game being held the same night.  Then in June I had to reschedule due to illness.  So here we are going for it again!  This is information from the previously scheduled event in June.  The information should be similar:  Asbury United Methodist Church Young at Heart Seniors Group, 6 p.m. -- dinner plus program.  My show will begin around 6:45.  The church is located near US 280 and Highway 119 in Birmingham, somewhat behind Publix.  The church's address is 6690 Cahaba Valley Rd., Birmingham, AL  35242.  I'll do my traditional Titanic show here.

Possible in the future:

Titanic Museum Germany, Dortmund, Germany, at a convention that happens around the third week in September each year.  So far we haven't been able to arrange this, but it's always a hope!