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Feb - Gary Pritchard W5RTX - Amateur FM Satellites from Portable to Base Station (inexpensively) AMSAT
Mar - Ron Van Winkle N5YDX - 2M/440 HT & HT antenna check up clinic
Apr - Ron Van Winkle N5YDX - Add SDR to analog HF Transceiver
May - Dan Gabel - Linked Repeater Systems (tentative)
Jun - Jacob Twombly Sr KG5UFR - Summer Field Day discussion
Jul - Ron Van Winkle N5YDX & Jacob Twombly Sr KG5UFR - Field Day Lessons Learned
Aug - Ron Van Winkle N5YDX & Devlin Kirchman N5HB - Battery Testing & Power pole demo/workshop
Sep - Chaz Hafey KF5JHA - Solar Cycle (tentative, may move to different month)
Oct - John Elliot KF5NXR - Back to Basics (tentative)
Nov - Officer Elections
Dec - Christmas Party

Other Topics - Presentation Months to be determined
All Star Net
Ham Nation
Pan Adapter - SDR
Drones and Terminal Imaging
Building Hot Spots - Mark Harper

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Past Activities
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Activities for 2017
Activities for 2016

Pine Box Presentation from March 2018 meeting by John Elliott (Click Here)