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A tiny seed in the flower of eternity

Murmurs in the long sleep of a lifetime

Many a dreams pass through

Million nights flash across

Thunderclouds and nightmares gather

On wind chiselled rock faces

Awaiting the birth of a new sun.

Where shadows fail and lights multiply

Sedimented thoughts in the shallow waters of the heart

Encrusted with cholesterol and worn-out dreams

Long for a spark of life

To set in motion the sleeping planets and their smaller moons

To open up the volcanoes belching clouds of ammonia

To warm up the primordial soup

To start chain reactions in the chemistry of life

To ignite the explosive sun

My trembling fingers

Hold a box of matches

Damp with my tears.


From the telescope’s other end

An invisible eye

Peers down deep inside

Through the layers of flesh and blood

Among the scattered evils and good

In the turbid forests of the mind

Looking for a lost brother.

Brighter and brighter, a star is becoming

I know not He is coming

Crossing the vague barrier

Between the inner and outer spaces

Transcending beyond dimensions

In the subterranean levels of consciousness

Rising from the ashes of a burnt out universe

To shatter the invisible shackles

That bind you to this huge rock

To tear down the thick curtains

That limit my vision and thought

To open the gates of this cage

So that I may ascend.


Last time

I left something here.

A small object,

Fragile, warm and soft.

Ticking the signature of time

It is set to aloneness

Always craving for symphony.

May be it is deemed lost,

But neither you nor I

Could get nothing like that,



When the sheen wears out

Wrinkles crackle the surface of reality

Exposing sagging flesh of aging youth

Staring through clouded eyes,

Will you still be there,

Accompanying to the borders of hell

As you are and never regret ever

What you might have left behind

And still feel the satisfaction in your veins.


Dimly lit dark night,

Iced tears in tall glasses,

Thr’o air conditioned smoke,

Bloody eyes stare –

Like wolves, for leftover carcasses,

Like dogs, around garbage dumps,

Like vultures, above burial grounds……

A lone figure,

Shakes, sways, lilts, jolts, swings, sizzles…

In, out, around tables

( Or is it Tombs?

Are they mourning over lost castles in the air?)

They shall never ever know,

Hunger, anger, agonies

Packed so tight under that taut silky smooth skin.

They shall know,

When it explodes, spilling blood and gut

On their white-washed respectability,

On their sterilized morality.

A hello here, another there,

A stroke here, a pat there,

A kiss in the air.

Every pat really a slap

Every kiss a spit on the face.

Tonight is the Last Act-

She shall strip – strip – and s t r i p

To the very bones…..

The skeleton with a permanent grin,

Shall dance, The Dance of Destruction

For this is the night of Kalika (Mother of all Universe)

Prostrate, kiss the dust off Her feet,

Surrender completely in mind word and deed.

She shall then place Her be-jeweled feet on your swollen head

And crush that inflated ego

To give a new life – a new birth.


In rat races

At every step

There is a trap.

Baits many, handicaps vary.

We run in circles

Chasing our own tails

(if we still have any more

left from the latest evolution )

There is no starting point

And no winning post either.

Only the dead will drop out

The race goes on

So does, races time.



Time static


Static time


Time movement

Between second to second

Yesterdays lie buried

Under the today

Awaiting the coming tomorrow

I sleep off tonight.

Morning –

I wake up with a corpse nearby,

An yesterday.


A long time ago

Along timelessness,

Hatchet in hand

I chased

Elusive time.

This time,

With a different result.

I’ve been engaged

To commit the most gruesome deed –

Assassination of our most common foe,

Who plots to kill you

Slowly and steadily

With out you ever being aware.


It is Time

That I seek to kill,

The ageless enemy

Of our race.

Many a time

I missed

And he escaped.

But this time

There won’t be

A next time.

The minute I lay my hands,

It’ll be only seconds.


The pressure of my fingers

Gauges the depth of my feelings

Your lips can express love

Far more effectively

Not by talking for hours

But by a passionate kiss

A simple embrace is more binding

Than all the forces on earth.

And do you know the fact that

My hand is 28 inches long

Same as the size of your waist.

Our bodies are made for each other

Unlike souls, they can feel.

Next time,

When you find

Probing fingers in the dark

Don’t push them aside.


I am trying to communicate with you



When without bumping noses

Breathing a minty Colgate flavour

Lips meet really Close-up

Over barriers of intimacy

My curved mustache tickles you

At the right spots at the right time

Releasing a melting sweetness

A warm wet steaming softness

Smooth and sensuously sliding,

At first a feathery touch,

Then a tug,

Afterwards a long pulling grasp

Beginning of greater explorations

Ending of all inhibitions

Seeking something missing

Merging into a single being

Entering a suffocating fusion

Losing breath and consciousness

A moment, when gravity relaxed its grip

On time, space

To extend indefinitely into infinity

That crystallizing bliss

Some sadist bastard shattered, shouting,

“Cannibals! Cannibals!

Eating each other alive!”

Left alone

For a long moment

Lingered on my mouth

The taste of Heaven.


Padded cell –

Scratching the ceiling

I imagine suicide procedures

Computing the time it takes to die.

Electrodes on my temples

Hurl me into hyperspace

Where God and devil mingle.

I walk out, a sane man,

A peaceful vegetable

From the headshrinker’s garden.


Alive only in the present

Forgetting the bitter past,

Passing the crowded street

Some one you slept with last night

Without even a trace of a smile,

Downing all your sorrows

In bottles of liquid bitterness,

Burning away your impotent rage

Into rings of smoke,

Requires special talents –

Every one you meet is a stranger

Even your father and mother.

History is just a cooked up story

For you never existed yesterday

Your life today isn’t worth a penny

You shall never see the tomorrows

For, you are still sleepwalking

In the land of the dead.


Adrift in the shifting waters

Of a shoreless ocean

In a leaking paper boat

Plugging lost hopes –

In search of un fulfilled dreams

Our voyage of fantasy

Is just an illusion

And illusion is our business.

Marooned in similar boats

Longing for friendly harbours

To unload our cargo of agony

The promised land is still far-off

And we chase mirages

In this watery desert –

Sinking and swimming, gasping for breath

Glimpsing now and then a faint shoreline

A silver lining among storm clouds

A twinkling Pole star in the bleak sky –

Navigating in uncharted regions

I wish the end is nearer

To rest my weary head

In the dark cold ocean bottom

Or in your soft warm lap.

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