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Metal birds sing crystallized synthetic music

Encased in the plastic prisons of hi-fidelity

Along the unending tapes and transistors

Among the erasing heads nodding in deathly silence

Over the worn out recorders

Rubbing the ages of accumulated amplified agony

Exploding in the electric ecstasy

Charging through the towers in the sky

Sending lightening symphony across the void

To echo and reverberate in odd shaped ears

To pass through strange machines and cultures

To emerge as patterns with or with out meaning

To bounce back the clouds of interstellar dust

To circle the edges of universe

And to come back to the place of birth

A billion light years thenceforth

To find the whole place just vanish

Into a vacuum –

And to continue this unending journey

Across the frontiers of imagination

Into the depths of the unknown

To discover a new myth, a new God.


Let there be LIGHT!

Don’t grope in the dark

Stop this screening

This very instant!

Order for the Auditorium lights

Can’t you see the screen before you

Defiled for years

Covered with layers of filth and dirt

Accumulated from ages of debauchery

No, No, NO use in trying to clean it

Destroy, destroy it

Along with the scoundrels hiding behind.

Those who prostitute

In the name of Art

In the name of Culture

In the name of Religion

And in the name of the Nation

Must be exposed

Those who picked our pockets

While we sat entranced in their vulgar shows

Must be kicked out

Those who corrupted

The minds of our sons and daughters

Those who blinded our senses

From seeing the reality

- Must be condemned

Those industrialists

Who mass produced

Illusions in magic factories

Those who made us intoxicated

With dreams distilled in Technicolor


Those are parasites, pests, vermin

Exterminate them!

From the ashes

Will rise a shimmering silver whiteness

Unmatched and never before seen.

On that virgin canvas

We will paint our visions

Our dreams and desires

And watch it

Teach our young ones

Lessons that will not be forgotten in a lifetime

To evolve complete in every sense

Proud specimens of our race.


I am an

One eyed Jack

Peering through the zoom

Framing fantasies

In Academy aperture and Eastmancolor ,

All the Mega, Super and ordinary

Stars as well as glittering starlets

That make up your dream filled

Daily entertainment

And yet, make a living art of it


Along the endless rows of tombs

Among the scattered carcasses

Away from the roaring guns

Under the vultures clouding the sun

Through the smoke filled air

Walk the earth alone.

Feel your way

In the blindness of destruction

In the darkness of ignorance

From crate to crater

From death to death

From grave to grave

Look for the victors

In the ultimate battle.

When you find them

Licking their wounds

Drinking their sour wines

Gorging on the leftovers

Ravishing their captives

Tell them

I was one of those foot soldiers

Who fought in mud and rain

Who marched like goats into deathtraps

Who faced the onslaught of iron and fire

Who razed whole cities into cremation grounds

Who walked hand in hand with death and hunger

Who killed their own brothers

All to uphold a piece of cloth

In the name of a nation

A line in history

A flash in memory.


Stony silence

Is not the silence of the stone.

Inability to hear finer sounds,

Weak vision to perceive things

Must never be attributed to others.

Verdicts are not passed without fuller investigations.

Errors can occur still.

There are greater things in this vast Universe

Which a human mind cannot even conceive.

One in a gravity bound body,

One which is a prisoner of the senses,

One, which does not find time

To think about timelessness

Has no right to exist.

None can stop the decay

Undeserved will perish by themselves.

When you find another stone,

Talk ever so softly

Listen carefully

Attune to the minutest vibrations

Sharpen your senses and wait

Yes, wait and sit still

Till you become a stone.


Blue sea, gray sea, black sea

Womb and the tomb of trillion suns

Where the first life was born

And perhaps the last might end.

Under those unfathomable darkness

Coldness of ages sleeps

In caskets off long sunk ships.

Ghost pirates chart routes

Among the lost continents

To loot voyagers to the Promised Land.

Victories and defeats of past battles

Lie buried under the silt of oceans

Stirred occasionally by a passing shark

Or by the sharp claws of a hermit crab.

Under the canopy of luminescent creatures

I hear the lullaby of rolling waves

That primordial symphony

Imprinted along the rhythmic heartbeats

Still reverberating like it was yesterday.

Ages have passed since I was an amoeba

Swimming in your salty warmth.

I roamed the continents

And saw the ice age pass by

When I traced back my origin

It led to you

For you alone know that answer

To that great riddle,

What was I, before I was an amoeba?


In the timeless ocean

I swim, fly and walk.

Bullock cart,

Jumbo jets,

Apollo Rockets,

Journey to the stars,

Hotel reservations,

Customs regulations,

Passport restrictions,

Cholera injections,

Everlasting frustrations.

At the gate,

Sentries stand,

Sten-guns in hand,

Forbidden territory,

Area Military.


Far off,

Beckons Golden domes,

Glittering Ruby stones.

I take,

A step.


Shouts a voice

Or noise.

Another step,

Bullets shower.

I run through,

Mortars shell.

I run fast, fast and faster.

I take off,

Up and up,

I dive, dodge and dive.

I swim.

Torpedoes, sharks

Racing to devour,

I dive, dive,

Deep, deep into

The suffocating darkness.

So fast I dive

I see nothing in front.

I turn back.

There, far off floats

My lifeless body.

Sharks, Rockets, Torpedoes

All attack.


It is quiet.

It is neither cold

Nor hot.

I feel light, Free.

There, in eternity