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Dr. Rallapalli Anantha Krishna Sharma was born on 23rd January, 1893, in Rallapalli village (Andhra Pradesh, Rayalaseema, Ananthpur district & Kambadur Taluk ). In the Hindu almanac, this corresponds to ‘Nandana Samvatsaram’, ‘Magha Shukla Paksha’, Monday.

Sri Rallapalli Ananthkrishna Sharma


Sri Karnamadakala Krishnamacharya and Smt Alamelu Mangamma.

Sri Karnamadakala Krishnamacharya

     His Preceptors ( Acharya’s ) and  teachers (Guru’s ) :

     1 )    Literature – Father Krishnamacharya, H.H. Sri Krishna Brahmatantra Swamy of Parakalamutt, Sri Ramashastry a pandit ( scholar ) of Chamarajanagar

                               H.H. Sri Krishna Brahmatantra Swamy of Parakalamutt.

      2 )  Carnatic Music : Ganavisharada Sri Bidaram Krisnappa of Mysore.

Ganavisharada Sri Bidaram Krisnappa



  Dr. Rallapalli Anantha Krishna Sharma, was by profession a Telugu Pandit, employed at the Maharajah College, Mysore from 1912 to 1949. Subsequently he moved to Tirupathi and worked as a Research Scholar in the field of Carnatic Music, at the Sri Venkateshwara  Oriental Research Centre, Tirupathi from 1950 to 1958. He was  a vocalist and violinist of great repute, in addition to being a composer and critique.

 His Prominent Students ( carnatic music ) :

Smt Sarojamma ( his niece, vocal and veena  ) , S/s T.S. Tatachar. V.V. Krisnamachar, Banagiri Laksmi Narasimhachar,  Bukkapatnam Ramachar (Violin artists  )His daughters Smt Nagamani ( Vocal ), Prabhavati ( Vocal, Veena ), Harini ( Vocal ), his eldest son Prof R A Phani Shayi ( Vocal ), is also a retired professor of psychology & former principal, National College, Jayanagr,  grand daughters Smt Urmila (veena ) and Surabhi ( vocal ). His second son Shri R A Jayantha, is a reputed scholar and teacher of English literature, who retired as reader, English Dept,  S V University, Tirupati. 

Contributions to fields of Carnatic Music & Literature

Dr Rallapalli Sharma has made enormous contributions in the fields of Carnatic music, Telugu, Sanskrit & Kannada Literature. For details see pages ' Introduction' , Major Accomplishments' and' Awards & Recognitions'.

Vaggeyakara ( Composer ):

Dr Rallapalli Ananthakrishna Sharma was a composer in his own merit. He has composed many musical forms like Geetam, Swarajati, Varnam, Kriti's & Tillana, in popular and rare ragas. He was instrumental in bringing out and editing nearly 300 compositions of Tallapaka Annamacharya. Out of these he set to music about 100 songs.

 See the article ' Vaggeyakara Rallapalli Ananthakrishna Sharma' by Prof R A Phani Shayi, in the Articles section. 

Awards & Recognitions : Dr Rallapalli Sharma was a recipient of several awards & titles, the prominant being the 'Sangeeta Kalanidhi' and Honourary D.Lit degree. For more details refer the page on 'Awards & Recognitions'.


Attained lotus feet of the Lord Sreenivasa :

He attained the lotus feet of the Lord Sreenivasa on 11th March 1979, just hours after being conferred with the prestigious title “ Sangeeta Sahitya Asthana Vidwan “ by the Tirumala Tirupathi devasthanams          ( TTD ) at his own residence in Bangalore, along with Lord Sreenivasa’s blessings and prasadam.