** HERE THERE BE DRAGONS -- I am still fleshing this out!**

I love teaching and through a variety of experiences have learned a lot about my teaching philosophy. As a teacher, I believe my role is to facilitate the student's ability to understand material and (hopefully) inspire them to continue a life long conversation with Astronomy. Thus, I "flip the classroom" to make it centered on the learner. My teaching style looks more like mentoring and I put in extra effort to give students ownership of their coursework. 

For my efforts as a graduate Teaching Assistant (a.k.a. Telescope Mom), I received the 2011 All University Graduate Teaching Award (3 awards annually for the University, and only one in STEM, one nominee from Astronomy every 3 years), the Graduate Teaching Center Graduate Teaching Award for Astronomy (one every three years in Astronomy), and the Lawrence Fredrick Teaching Award (one annually in the Department of Astronomy).

Teaching Experience:
  • Guest Lab Instructor, Stellar Astronomy 
               Citrus Community College
  • Guest Lecturer, Introduction to Astronomical Research
    • 2014, Why you should do research (of any kind) right now. 
    • 2013, Near Field Cosmology
  • Consulting Teaching Assistant, Observational Astronomy
    • Assisted in adapting course materials to have a deeper research focus.
  • Instructor of Record, Introduction to Cosmology 
  • Teaching Assistant, Introduction to Cosmology
  • Teaching Assistant, Astronomical Techniques 
  • Senior Teaching AssistantObservational Astronomy 
  • Teaching Assistant, Introduction to Astronomical Observation
  • Teaching AssistantObservational Astronomy

Professional Development Workshops Attended:
  • Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science, Workshop for Carnegie Observatories Postdocs, Sept 2015
  • Process Oriented Guide Inquiry Learning, Susan Shadle