My full CV -- with all its wonderful detail -- is available as a PDF (PDF update Aug 2019).
The Cliff Notes are provided below.

NASA Hubble Fellow, Carnegie-Princeton Fellow at the Princeton Department of AstroPhysical Sciences
  I do a lot of fun things with amazing datasets and much more amazing people. 
Postdoctoral Researcher, Carnegie Observatories 
 Carnegie-Chicago Hubble Program II, PI: Wendy L. Freedman  & Barry F. Madore

  • Ph. D. Astronomy, Dec 2014                                                                                University of Virginia; Charlottesville, VA 
    Dissertation: Life in the Outer Limits -- Insight into Hierarchical Assembly from Stellar Halos in the Local Volume
    Adviser: Steven R. Majewski
  • M. S. Astronomy, Dec 2008                                                                                 University of Virginia; Charlottesville, VA 
    Thesis: Stellar Populations in the Outskirts of the Andromeda Galaxy
    Adviser: Steven R. Majewski
  • B. A. Astrononmy-Physics & Mathematics, May 2007                                    University of Virginia; Charlottesville, VA
    Thesis: New Insights into the Structure of the Andromeda Galaxy
    Adviser: Steven R. Majewski

Fellowships & Scholarships (Links take you to more information about the Program):

Grants & Honors (Links take you to more information about the Award):

Nationally Competitive Observing Proposals (I am PI or Co-PI, except where noted, and was responsible for data collection and analysis)
  • 2019 -- HST Cyc 27, 92 Orbits (PI), Securing the Absolute Scale for the IR-TRGB Distance Ladder
  • 2018 -- HST Cyc 25, Archival Research Grant (Student Mentee as PI), Calibrating the Near-Infrared Tip of the Red Giant Branch with Multiwavelength Photometry
  • 2016 -- Calibrating the Cepheid MIR-color Metallicity Relationship
      SDSS IV - APOGEE-2N Ancillary Proposal, 45 Fiber Hours
  • 2014B -- Robust Distances to 20 Andromeda dSphs
      NOAO 6 nights, KPNO-4m+MOSAIC
  • 2012B to 2014B -- A NEWFIRM Survey of Intermediate Age Population in M31's Halo: A Test of Lambda-CDM
      NOAO Survey Program, 40 nights KPNO+NEWFIRM
  • 2013A -- A Targeted Search for a Gas Component in M31 dSphs
      NRAO,  80 Hours GBT+Spectrometer
  • 2012 -- Open Clusters in the Outer Disk
      SDSS III -APOGEE Ancillary Proposal, 200 Fiber Hours
  • 2010B -- Completing the SPLASH Survey of M31 dSphs
      NOAO 5 nights KPNO-4m+MOSAIC 
  • 2009B -- Exploring the Merger History of M31
      NOAO 5 nights KPNO-4m+MOSAIC
  • 2007B -- Exploring the Newly Discovered Halo of M31 (Co-I)
      NOAO 7 nights KPNO-4m+MOSAIC
  • 2006B -- Exploring the Newly Discovered Halo of M31 (Co-I)
      NOAO 5 nights KPNO-4m+MOSAIC
In addition, I receive ~10-15 nights per year through our internal TAC resources, as well as overseeing two (hopefully three!) small telescopes at Las Campanas. 

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