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Getting Started on Course Redesign: February 14, 2017 at 1 pm EST
Getting Started on Course Redesign is a webinar for those of you who are thinking about beginning a large-scale course redesign project. This two-hour-long webinar will provide participants the opportunity to learn about how redesign efforts have begun at both four- and two-year institutions. NCAT Redesign Scholar Tammy Muhs from the University of Central Florida will describe how their redesign of college algebra got started eight years ago and how they addressed the issues and problems that arose. Tammy is the former director of the Mathematics Assistance and Learning Lab (MALL), which serves up to 5,800 students during a single semester, and is now a full-time math faculty member. NCAT vice president Carolyn Jarmon will give examples of what has been experienced by two-year institutions in a variety of academic disciplines as they began their redesigns. The agenda includes plenty of time for discussion to help you think about how to get started.
Dealing with Budget Cuts without Affecting Quality:
March 14, 2017 at 1 pm EST
Institutions faced with budget cuts or declining resources find it difficult to respond without impacting the quality of the academic program. Defensive strategies such as increasing class size, replacing full-time faculty with adjuncts, offering fewer courses within programs, and so on have been used for decades and pose a threat to overall institutional quality. NCAT's course redesign methodology offers a way out of higher education's historical trade-off between cost and quality. Presented by NCAT president and CEO Carol Twigg and NCAT vice president Carolyn Jarmon, this webinar will demonstrate through a series of case studies how both two- and four-year institutions have constructively dealt with budget challenges and indeed improved academic quality while doing so. Following the presentations, webinar participants will have the opportunity to discuss specific problems they face and learn how course redesign can be the solution.
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