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Enjoy the confidence of knowing you're working with the pro's who know every step to maximize your advertising dollar: from design & printing, to addressing, sorting, and delivery of your finished project into the USPS - all handled by our highly experienced mailing team!

The INTELLIGENT MAIL BARCODE helps your mail travel faster, and also speeds return envelopes like customer payments to you - if you don't have barcoded envelopes you are missing out on real cost savings while your customers payments linger out there.

Don't have an existing customer list?

Interested in steering your mail towards customers who meet certain demographic criteria?

We can help develop a mailing list that is built on search criteria like type of business, income of consumer or reported revenue, education levels, professional certification or qualifications, location, interests, hobbies, etc., this is obtained thru our demographic search software which is tied into databases such as credit card companies, state and federal gov't census reports and tax returns, voluntary information disclosures (think of those surveys you complete). All this can lead to a well-developed mailing list that will in turn maximize your advertising campaign.

Bulk Mail Primer

Bulk mail does not have to be complex - the process generally is:

  1. We develop and produce your printing, examples are brochures, folding mailers, fliers, etc (this can include any prepress/artwork development needed). This is where we might apply a mailing indicia (you can use ours if you don't have one!) if you qualify for bulk mail.
  2. Using our mailing services we will 'preflight' your Excel list to correct bad addresses or knock out duplicates. We will sort and group your addresses, then inkjet your printing with those addresses so they are sequenced and bundled in the most economical way.
  3. During the above step we will apply the best possible postage, whether your project requires 1st Class service or can go 'Standard Presort'. 1st Class is usually only required when your printing/inserts are personalized or include what the USPS deems 'confidential consumer information' such as account numbers, SSNs, or financial information. You may also want to go 1st Class to take advantage of its preferential treatment and delivery speed within the Postal System.
  4. Lastly it's game time - we deliver the properly addressed and bundled mail directly to the USPS BMEU (Bulk Mail Expediting Unit) over by the airport so they can land in your customers or prospects mailbox.

First Class vs. Standard Rate vs. Non-Profit Groups

Most "bulk mail" users choose what is known as Presort Standard service. First Class mail on the other hand gives faster delivery times - the choice is usually up to the customer. Each mailing at presorted First Class prices must consist of at least 250 pieces. Unlike Presort Standard, presorted First Class may contain personalized information, and may contain the information referenced in #3 above.

Nonprofit groups we have you covered too! We maintain the proper Indicia to take advantage of this lower rate. NOTE: To qualify you will need to email us a copy of both your IRS & USPS Certification of your groups Non-Profit status, in order to use the corresponding Indicia.

Intelligent Mail Barcoding

To get barcoding discounts in addition to the regular discounts for bulk mail, your mail must be able to pass through automated sorting equipment. Mail that is thick, irregularly shaped or too stiff to bend thru their rollers is not eligible for barcoding discounts since it cannot be sorted on automatic machines. Check with us at the start of your design process to know how your mail will travel.

The USPS has phased out the old style of barcodes, known as "Postnet barcodes", and replaced them with new "Intelligent Mail Barcodes" (IMBs). Postnet barcodes no longer receive rate and service enhancements. Unsure of what your envelopes are setup as? Call us today!

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