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'Cheap printing benefits only the cheap printer'. Think about that.

Picture these scenarios...

"I just sent my company brochure project off to that online place - I got what I wanted and I'm saving a ton this way!"

Pricing is usually first and foremost on the list of any print project’s requirements. But before you price out printing projects, make sure you’re comparing apples to apples. An online printing project will require you to submit a perfect file–no one is checking for errors. Any slight defect will bring groans when the box is opened, whereas with Printing Services 2 we will take a look at your files first to ensure it meets the necessary technical requirements, and can even take a consultative approach in advising you on the right materials, sizing, image resolutions and more to ensure the final product is perfect. The majority of online companies don’t even have a prepress team that looks out for you the customer, and that’s where we can be your most valuable marketing partner.

"But online is cheaper and I get the same thing!"

Cut far enough and anyone can be cheap. The main reason online-only printers can offer you such 'hard-to-believe' prices is because they cut corners by using substandard materials, replacing human talent with automation, and impose drastic limits to your options, all the while providing no or limited prepress involvement during development. Add in all their premium upcharges and you'll wonder about their appeal. We are focused on our customers being thrilled and confident, which can be a real eye-opener to the online buyer.

"I know Microsoft WORD, I can squeeze in time to put together our marketing materials maybe next week...

Just what is your time worth? Do you know how to setup 'ink bleeds'? What about correct page sequencing for booklets? Is your project going on an offset press or is it a digital print job - if you don't know the difference expect a rude surprise. We offer peace of mind, we have your back. Never forget that we come to you, on your schedule - This kind of face-to-face, personalized attention is something no online outfit is capable of, even if they seem to offer the moon. Because of our vast printing repertoire, there is rarely a “one-size all” product we can offer but who would want that? Getting a better idea of who we are and operate?

Other Factors To Consider

Another myth of business printing is that in today's world any type of printing is wasteful, that any message 'in ink' can be done without harming the environment thru an electronic format. But that forgets that paper is just about the most renewable resource on the planet, with more than 63% of all paper today being recycled out of yesterdays (source: EPA 2017) - a percentage far higher than glass or plastic.

Now remember that with rabid restrictions on environmental impact, chemical disposal, etc., the price of ink and paper is increasing all the time. Do not assume that because you paid $50 for business cards in 2015 that they will still cost $50 in 2018! We can provide you with the phone numbers of the politicians that are responsible for the nonsense!

Quantity can certainly affect your final price, but other factors such as paper/material choices, ink or thread preferences and even deadlines are in play - we will tell you your options to make the best informed choice!

Big one: Do you want to support a local business with REAL PRINT PRO's, or send your companies money off to an out-of-state bulk printer, unconcerned about your success?

How it all started...

Charlie Whitworth is the founder of Printing Services, creating a service-focused company that specialized in matching customers needs with the best quality products available. His genuine, friendly nature and knack for finding the 'hard-to-find' made him a nationally known person in the business printing field, but most importantly, made his customers feel like they had an ally in Charlie. Anticipating retirement, Charlie turned the company over to his children in 1997. Where we are today is because of his knowledge and work ethic which continue to run deep in us.

We miss him everyday.

Charles Whitworth

Charlie honored in '84 for his strong work ethic.