How well will my finished print job match what I see on my monitor? Well the truth is... it depends. First, most devices are not "color calibrated". In our experience, the only 'out-of-the box' -mostly- accurate monitors are Apples Cinema Displays. A myriad of tedious things can distort, deceive or misconstrue colors such as the lighting conditions, the devices display settings, time of day, indoor vs outdoor viewing, the paper or material type & color, you get the idea? If color is utterly critical we recommend an actual production proof. One more thing: no two humans will see colors alike!

Will your printing match a previously printed sample exactly? The short answer is it might, or might not. It's not because we don't care or are sloppy. There's a LOT of variables in our world. Unless you have worked in a printing environment it can be hard to digest the LARGE manufacturing variances the paper mills are known for, as well as apparel makers among others. 'Printing' is still as much an art as it is a science, meaning that the skill and experience of the staff is what sets printers apart (i.e. you want us as your partner!)

I've heard the term Overrun - what's that? With any manner of custom work we (and all other printers) reserve the right to be 5-10% over the ordered quantity. There has to be extras included at the job's start so that ending quantity (after going through all stages of production) matches the customers order as close as possible. You only pay for what you receive. Always let us know if receiving an exact quantity is critical so as to eliminate any headaches. Underruns are also possible but much less likely.

Does that apply to apparel orders? Well with any mechanical equipment things can and do occasionally go wonky or decide to not cooperate, and it might even choose to damage the 'goods' in the process. We hate it when this happens but you can rest assured it is rare, nonetheless we have to abide by the industry standard regarding loss or damage of apparel (known as 'Spoilage'), this is 2% of the ordered quantity on shirts/jackets (or a minimum of two items in allowance), or 3% for a hat/headwear order (min. of 3 items in allowance). It is for this reason that we do not accept customer-supplied apparel since we would be unable to replace it in the event of an issue in production.

How should I prepare a file for printing with you? The basic and easiest answer to this question is that you supply us with a PRINT READY .PDF file that was created in Adobe Illustrator. We do not recommend creating your files in any other program (looking at you PhotoShop), however we are game to try if you are.

  1. If there's bleed involved (see GLOSSARY if unsure what this is) make sure you have a minimum of 1/8" (0.125") BLEED on EVERY edge of your workspace, and keep anything that does not get trimmed at least 1/8" (0.125") from all margins (known as the Safety Zone).

  2. Got JPGs or other raster images? Minimum resolution of 300 dpi for all raster/photo elements AND make sure they are sized accurately.

  3. Set your Illustrator color mode to CMYK if doing offset print, or RGB if not (just ask us 1st before you change this).

  4. Any and all typefonts are outlined and embedded.

  5. When ready save your file as a PDF and be sure to turn on targets and crop marks.

  6. Supplied art files may still be subject to prepress charges, we will preflight every file and contact you accordingly.

Can your UV (Ultra-Violet) coating be handwritten on or inkjetted for mailings? Not recommended, it's hi-gloss surface could smear. This is the only coating we offer which cannot be written on (unless using a Sharpie®). Generally any of our other coating options may be written on with a ball-point pen.

What's the turnaround time on 'X'? It all depends - there are no 'One Size Fits All' projects. We will always want to know any impending event or deadline, but remember that production time alone do not necessarily include artwork or proofing time. Holidays can wreck plans, as can severe weather. Above all, communicate to us any deadline!

I'm in a super-duper hurry, you'll be able to rush my project, right? Maybe - we'll certainly help if we can. You've got to understand a few things:

Expect the price to be different. NO printer keeps a press cleared, on standby just counting on those emergency calls. That equipment and materials costs money, and our staff likes to be paid on-time - incompatible with an idle press. Numerous factors determine how an order proceeds, to mention a few: time to develop your artwork, rounds of proofing, approving material samples, does your paper have to ship in from the mills, what's our current workload, and seasonal things like summer vacations, holidays, etc... If in doubt CALL!

Do you offer samples of your work? You bet, we love to show off! Ask us!

Can I bring you my own shirts/hats/jackets to put my logo on? No - but with our generous sample policy you can be confident the catalog items you choose will be right.

Are Credit Cards taken for payment? We accept Visa & Mastercard credit cards, but our quoted prices reflects a cash discount so let us know.

Can you warehouse my printing for awhile? Yeah, usually. Let us know your needs and we'll work to accommodate them. Note there are time limits, possible charges and delivery timeframe considerations

Can I place an order online? You want great printing, right? Any place that offers exclusively online shopping is severely restricting your projects potential - give us a call, custom printing rocks & we don't bite!

What kind of warranty or guarantee is implied? Problem in the job you received? CALL - we want to know if we goofed or something is not right. You'd be surprised that YES we genuinely care how our works turns out. But sometimes things happen. From the earliest days of printing this has remained a constant: There is no warranty implied or statement of suitability of any product, nor can a printer be liable for incorrectly ordered printing or any other work of ours where the fault lies with the originator. Think of proofs not properly proofread. That is how printing works.

Help! I need a new look/logo for my company but don't know where to go with my ideas. Relax, we can talk your ideas so call or email us. And if we can't help in-house we know reputable freelance designers that we've worked with in the past, who are better able to focus on the subtleties of branding. We won't leave you to the wolves.

What if I want to cancel a order? Well that stinks.

Anything we didn't cover? Call or email us