Conference Exchange Portfolio


Pressing Prints/Pressing Palms: The Entrepreneurial Printmaker

Printmakers have an extensive and unique history of bringing innovation to the field of fine art through new technologies, inventive approaches, and original images.  We have also long been an entrepreneurial force in creating small businesses that involve printmaking, such as collaborative print studios, print workshops, print publishers, galleries, letterpress shops, mobile presses, and more.  In these spaces that bridge the private act of making art and the public act of running a business, printmakers create, generate, swap, exchange, persuade, transfer, barter, trade, invent, and negotiate.  As printmakers we are inherently risk-takers, groundbreakers, innovators, and entrepreneurs.

This year, we have invited Liz Zanis, Metropolitan Museum of Art, to select award winners from the Exchange Portfolio.  Award winners will be announced during the exhibition of the portfolio on Saturday, November 3, 12-5 pm.


1.     Sign-up: When you Register for the conference - there is a $7 fee to offset the costs of the portfolio covers.

2.     Edition Size: 13

3.     Paper Size: 11” x 14” (other sizes will not be accepted)

4.     Glassine or Interleaving: 14 sheets, 11” x 14” – on top, on bottom, and between all prints

5.     Archival: Use only archival materials that are no thicker than ¼”

6.     Complete: Artist’s Datasheet to submit with your prints at the conference

7.     Submit: Prints, glassine/interleaving, and Artist’s Datasheet at the Registration Table:

a.     Thursday, November 1: 2-7 pm

b.    Friday, November 2: 8-1:30 pm

8.     View: Exchange Portfolio Exhibition and Award Winners: Saturday, November 3: 12-5 pm

9.     Pick-Up: 10 prints in an archival portfolio: Saturday, November 3: 12-5 pm