Print Events

Print Event: The Print Factory: Nomadic Printervention

Thursday, November 1st, 4-7 pm

CAC Atrium

Printers: Will Burnip and Jesse McAfee

The aim of The Print Factory is to engage a local audience with the printmaking process via hands-on demonstrations. We distribute original prints to our audience from blocks that have been donated by artists who contribute to our project. We encourage audience participation by inviting people to operate the presses themselves and urge passersby to collect one of our printed images. Each print is stamped on the back to identify it as a product of The Print Factory and displays the name of the artist who carved the image.

As we print, we speak with our audience about the press we’ve built and the purpose of our project: that is, advocacy of the social significance of the multiple image, educating about printmaking’s role in history and the impact on civilization, and of course, how one of its most fundamental techniques is performed. The participant is further encouraged to seek out the artists on our online database to learn more about them. All of our contributing artists and their respective images are cataloged on our website.

Please click on the link below for directions on how to contribute blocks for the conference event!


Print Event: Flock It! (Fuzzy Money)

Friday, November 2nd, 2-5 pm

CAC Atrium

Artist: Alison Filley

Participants from the Flock It! (Fuzzy Money) demonstration (Friday, 10-noon) will be asked to take “fuzzy money” with them to spend at this corresponding event.  At a small store set-up during Open Portfolio, flocked portraits corresponding to a portrait on US currency will be for sale. Participants can exchange their fuzzy money currency from the demonstration for a portrait print.  It is the choice of the participant whether to keep the fuzzy money or to use it to “purchase” a portrait. 
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