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Prairie Electric Car Team Teaches Heights Fourth Graders About Electricity

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The Prairie High School Electric Car team members were invited to Prairie Heights Elementary to put on presentations for the fourth grader students on how electricity works. Maria Steenblock invited the electric car team to Heights because her son, Andrew, is on the Electric Car team and did a presentation on batteries at the team banquet back in October. Mrs. Steenblock thought having the electric car team talk about how the electric car team uses electricity with their cars would be a great addition to the electricity units her fourth graders were covering.

With four fourth grade classes at Heights, the team broke down their demonstrations into four areas; batteries, electromagnetism, series/parallel circuits, and the electric cars. The students then rotated between classrooms to observe the demonstrations. After the demonstrations, there were abundant questions and an opportunity for the students to sit in the electric cars. This was a win/win situation for all of the students. It created a perfect opportunity for the Electric Car team to show off their cars (and possibly recruit some future team members) and learn more about electricity by teaching it. It gave the fourth grade classes a chance to learn more about electricity through a different perspective.


                What it's all about..........

The Prairie Electric Car team is a program that was developed in 1997
to encourage teamwork, engineering, and manufacturing skills and competitive sportsmanship. The team researches, designs, finances, and builds electric cars. The cars comply with strict specifications to ensure safety and stability during competitions.

    We compete against other schools across the Midwest. At these events we drive the cars on a road course or oval track for an hour to see how many laps the car can complete on one set of batteries.

    In our program, the batteries are the foundation to success. Each of our cars uses two batteries. There are two heats at each event plus, hot laps and inspection beforehand. That figures out to be 6 batteries per car per event. Take that times 3 cars and you’ve got a lot of batteries. If a battery cannot be fully charged and discharged properly it can shorten the life of the battery and weaken its performance. This makes batteries a vital part of the electric car program.