GRIP- March 2nd

Post date: Mar 4, 2013 11:19:54 PM

Attendance: 10

Message: Ephesians 6:10-18

Theme: Get a GRIP on the Full Armor of God

As energy was running high and tight all night, the red team made a surge ahead in the continual battle of points!  The totals stand as:

Blue Team- 141,000 points

Red Team- 149,000 points

There were many kids representing their team colors dressed head to toe in either blue or red last Saturday.  How many decisions went into choosing the outfit you are wearing right now?  Are you dressed up, looking casual, or just have those favorite sweat pants on enjoying a cold winter lazy day!  Whatever you have chosen to wear, I am sure it consist of several articles from underwear, socks, pants, shirt, and other flavorful accessories.  Saturday nights lesson was focused upon being dressed up daily as a christian.  In Ephesians we are told about putting on the full armor of God.  This is something we need to concentrate on daily and make sure we put each component on to the fullest.  Throughout our day we are faced with an unlimited amount of attacks from the devil in separating us from drawing near to God.  In order to continue our journey in knowing, loving, and serving God we must wear the full armor.  Being consistent in utilizing the armor, allows us to face the temptations and persevere through them victoriously and not stumble into a position of a victim.   The full armor of God is having foot gear of readiness (ready to go or move wherever God leads us), belt of truth (being honest, loyal, and never jeopardizing our character), breastplate of righteousness (protect our heart from any penetration of wickedness- do the right thing!), helmet of salvation (keep our thoughts clean, pure, and centered upon the sacrifice Jesus made for us on the cross), shield of faith (acronym- For Always I Trust Him- be committed to your beliefs to the fullest and use the shield to protect from the fiery arrows of the devil), and the sword of the spirit (use the bible to address every issue of our being, God's word is alive and fulfills any situation).  I encourage everyone to wear the full armor of God and utilize its power, direction, and protection every day of our existence.  Good always conquers evil and God has provided us with the gear to wear in living as an example for Him.  May God's richest blessing be with you and your family.  

Message Challenge: Will you accept the challenge to wake up every day and wear the full armor of God?

COMING SOON!    GRIP    Saturday, March 16th    6-7pm