Annual October Coach's Clinic

Each year for the past 7 years, MGB has hosted a coach's clinic in October in the Dominican Republic.  The four day event occurs at the Meeting God in Missions complex in Hato Mayor.  The purpose of the event is to develop Dominican Coaches in the areas of personal spiritual growth and in Biblical leadership skills.  Each of these coaches has daily influence on dozens of young men (if not more).  Our Mission is simply “To serve God’s purposes and calling of the Great Commission” throughout the Dominican Republic and Latin America using baseball along with other sports as our vehicle to share the Gospel.  Our Vision is to use the large established network of baseball communities throughout Latin America to build the Body of Christ, saving the lost and establishing healthy local church families that can disciple not only coaches/players, but families and communities of families.  The annual coach's clinic is a profound opportunity to fulfill this mission.  

Each year, we invite about 150 coaches to the four day event.  They are asked to contribute a few dollars, as they can afford, but the reality is that most of the budget is covered through donations by those who are interested in supporting the ministry.  The budget consists of travel (usually by bus), food, lodging and training materials.  This year's budget is $12,500 which works out to about $83 per participant for the entire four day event, which is a little over $20 per day for food, lodging, travel and training materials.  The goal of Play Ball Sports Academy is to raise $2,500 towards this year's clinic, which is equivalent to 30 coaches.  I am 100% confident that we can do this if we all work together.  We've already raised $245 towards this goal from the hitting clinic.  Would you consider supporting at least one coach for this event by donating $83?  By supporting one coach, you can potentially have am eternal impact on him AND all of the players that he coaches over the years.  Please read the following testimony about one coach and the impact that this clinic had on him and others.  (Suggestion:  If you have old sports equipment, take it to a local Play it Again Sports location and they will give you cash.  The most valuable items that they purchase are: Pro line (name brand) golf equipment; old fitness equipment like treadmills, stationary bikes, stair steppers and nautilus equipment, old baseball equipment like bats, mitts and cleats and equipment from other sports like disc golf, hockey, lacrosse and snow sports.  Click here to find a local store.)

Please read this short testimony about the Coach’s Clinic  about Danny Santana, Dominican Baseball Coach who passed away a few months back:

Written by Don Schulz

I think of Danny Santana a Dominican Coach who accepted Christ 4 years ago.  (To the left,) you will see a picture of him and I from 2005 in his little office under the stadium in Consuelo.  In 2010, after many years, Danny prayed and accepted Christ.  A few months ago Danny went home to be with the Lord.  It was sudden and unexpected.  I cried hard in this moment as Danny and I had become close, but mostly the tears were from the gratefulness that this time I was obedient to God’s desire to use my life for Danny’s heart. 

The coaches in Danny’s community of Consuelo shared with me recently the profound changes they saw in Danny the past few years and thanked MGB, I told them only Jesus can transform a heart like this.  If you look closely at Danny’s eyes in this attached picture you will see the burdens he was carrying.  I hope to get a recent picture of him so you can see the difference.  The Joy he carried in his heart the past few years was amazing.


Danny had attended all 7 previous Coach’s clinics.  Danny was a humble man who I don’t believe ever experienced much love in his life.  I truly believe that somehow all the hugs from the American coaches over the years had a huge impact on his heart.  Some of you may remember how he would always come up to you looking to say hello or good bye with a hug. 


Danny represents so many lives that change every time we have this clinic... And this is why it is so important that we continue to do host them. This October the MGB Dominican leaders are planning on bringing Danny’s family to a special testimony about Danny’s life during the clinic.


Even though we believe these clinics have an impact for eternity in these Coach’s lives, as stewards of our Father’s kingdoms resources, we need to continually evaluate how we use our resources.  Each of the past 7 years we have asked "do we spend this money on a Coach’s Clinic"?  With other needs each year we wonder sometimes if we should spend His money like this, but each year our Dominican Leaders always tell me how important this clinic is, and in my heart I always say yes to the Clinic. 


Each year there has been a deficit and God has blessed me to be able to personally pay this balance due after the clinic.  This year I don’t have the ability to cover this kind of deficit of $9k so I am prayerfully asking for help.  Even if everyone reading this would contribute $100 it would bring us close enough that I can feel confident going forward; and if each of you would send an email or letter to family and friends I am sure we can raise enough money. 


Last year we had our best year coming the closest to 100%  funded thanks to the FCA supporters from the Southeast who contributed to the clinic.  This will be the third October Clinic co-hosted by FCA and MGB and some of our friends and brothers will be joining us from GO Ministries, Athletes in Missions and Baseball Chapel.  We are praying that this year will be the first year that the clinic will be 100% funded by donations. 


Blessings, Don

Thanks for your support.  Play Ball Sports Academy supported 12 coaches at the October Clinic, thanks to generous donations.  Overall, Meeting God in Baseball raised the money needed to cover the cost of this clinic.  Gloria a Dios!!  Click here to read about the summary of the 2014 coach's clinic.