GRIP- March 16th

Post date: Mar 18, 2013 7:19:40 PM


Message: Mark 12:30

Theme: Get a GRIP on the Cross

The intensity reached a new high Saturday night at GRIP!  The heated battle between teams in bringing friends, wearing team colors, and competing to the best of everyone's ability has brought the scores to an all time high!

Blue Team- 197,500 points

Red Team- 199,500 points

Spring is finally here and Easter is quickly approaching!  Saturday night we discussed on how to get a GRIP on the cross. What do you think about when you see the cross in front of a church, on a necklace, in a picture, etc?  Laying the facts out on the table we can all agree upon- no one is perfect because we live in a sinful world.  We are sinners yesterday, today, and tomorrow.   Looking at each and every one of our decisions we make can either lead us down the road of sinning or standing strong in faith knowing right from wrong.  The devil is going to try separating us from following, loving, and being holy to the Lord of Lords, Jesus.  He uses many instruments in tempting us to make wrong decisions.  Through personal maturity and spiritual growth we understand there is a price to be paid for our decisions.  Sometimes our choices do not directly impact ourselves, but the ramifications for our actions can effect someone else.  When we examine our sins, as believers, none of us have to publicly be beaten, climb onto a cross, be nailed through the wrist and ankles, wear a crown of thorns,  be punctured with a spear, and experience humility to the fullest.  By the sounds of it, not to many would volunteer to do such an act.  However, God sent His son for everyone of us to be saved.  Jesus hanging on the cross is the sacrifice made for every sin we commit. As believers, we carry the cross with us each day and should praise God for His Son.  To put it in a visual sense, sin is a whip we all have our hands on.  If we choose the road of sin, we use the whip on Jesus.  We have to remember all our decisions come with a price either directly or indirectly.  If we make the right decision we still live in a sinful world holding the whip, but choosing the right path we glorify God and leave the whip at rest.  All of the GRIP students accepted two challenges and we encourage you to do the same:

Challenge 1: When Easter is mention, put the focus on what Jesus did for all of us.  Its not about candy, Easter bunnies, cards, etc, but all about Jesus.  Use the mentioning of Easter as an opportunity in being  a vessel for God.  Use the gospel and knowledge you have of Jesus in sharing the news that HE HAS RISEN!

Challenge 2: From our visual earlier, we all hold the whip of sin.  We can choose to use the whip or leave it at rest.  When faced with temptation, take a step back and decide whether to use the whip or not.  Reflect upon the price paid for all our decisions, whether directly or indirectly.

God Bless!

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