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Introducing INVIGORANT

Strength and Fitness Program

Invigorant is a unique approach to fitness and strength training.  Don't you hate leaving the gym feeling like you need a two hour nap?  Don't you hate leaving the gym with sore muscles?  What about athletes that need to perform tomorrow? 

Introducing INVIGORANT.  Invigorant is designed to help you FEEL BETTER in your day to day life by increasing power, strength, speed, and the ability to move through basic ranges of motion. After slight initial soreness at after the first few classes, Invigorant will be the tonic that unlocks your body's full capabilities!

Phase one is six weeks (twelve sessions) and is designed for any fitness level from strong and conditioned athletes to someone who is just getting back in the gym.  The classes are small groups so that each person receives individual attention from the trainer.  Adults and youth athletes are welcome and is a great opportunity to train together.

Starts March 20th.  Register Now. Classes are Mon and Thurs at 7:15pm

Mar 20, 23, 27, 30

Apr 3, 6, 10, 13, 17, 20, 24, 27


Upcoming Programs

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Coming Soon!

Early March

Coming Soon!

Early march

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At Play Ball Sports Academy we really focus on player development.  We want to provide the right tools and knowledge for players so they can develop not only their baseball skills but develop their habits and routines.  It is very critical players get work done on their own and we can guide them on certain ways to do so. 

Our goal is to offer as many different ways for kids to get better as possible because every player has a different preference for improving their game.  Some players need more instruction while others need to develop through repetition and practice. Finally, we understand that each family has a different budget which is why we offer various types of programs that will fit any family's budget.    



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